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Periodically, CAIRCO authors will write and publish articles of interest under Immigration Highlights. A collection of these articles is included below.. 


Video: Celebrating Columbus

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Christopher Columbus, the most famous explorer in history, was once a celebrated hero. Now, many consider him a villain, a despoiler of paradise. So which version of Columbus is true? Michael Knowles answers this question and offers some much-needed historical perspective.

The immense stakes in the 2020 election

The stakes in the 2020 election are huge: the future of America as a Constitutional Republic hinges on the outcome. Several authors lucidly explain the stakes in articles and videos below.

White and black slavery in North Africa and America

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The following articles present some facts that Americans are not taught in the classroom.

Leftism - a Hegelian spiral toward Marxism

Have you ever gotten into a policy discussion at work, and ended up compromising your position, supposedly for the good of the company? Then the next month, became engaged in the same discussion which again ended up compromising down from your first compromised position? Then in another month, the same thing?

Video: Blitz Author and 'Take No Prisoners' Founder Exposes 'Systemic Racism' as a Myth

Video: Blitz Author and 'Take No Prisoners' Founder Exposes 'Systemic Racism' as a Myth.

“If the politics of the Democratic Party prevail, this nation will commit suicide.” 

FrontPage Mag, June 25, 2020.

Video: KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America

Video: KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America

Agriculture, development, and population growth

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The article Agriculture, development, and population growth was published by Amy Boylan on NumbersUSA, June 12, 2020.

Population stabilization: an integral component of Earth Day

Earth day was founded in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson specifically to address environmental preservation and the impact of overpopulation. The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is on April 22, 2020.

Pro-Growth Demographic Dogma

Joseph Chamie, former director of the United Nations Population Division, has published an article on the insanity of unending population growth. Here are some excerpts from this excellent article:

Video: Immigration Moratorium REDUX

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In this informative 12 minute video, Faith Goldy lays out America's historical immigration reforms to build a case for a total and complete immigration moratorium.


Elites ignore Africa's overpopulation problem

Population pressure is a fundamental driving factor behind mass immigration. Excess population from high fertility overpopulated countries migrate to developed countries with low fertility rates. For example, African and Mideast migration into Europe.

Corrupt International Organization IBWC Controls Southern Border, Not DHS Or Border Patrol

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Did you know that the IBWC mandates open gates in the border fence? This stunning fact is revealed in the following article:

Is it too late for Sweden?

Article by Fred Elbel

Americans need only look to Europe to see the consequences of unconstrained mass immigration. Sweden is perhaps the country most transformed by unassimilable mass immigration, and its future doesn't look promising.

The Great Replacement is Underway

by Fred Elbel

Western Civilization was invented by Whites, just as Chinese civilization was invented by Chinese and Japanese civilization was invented by Japanese.

Slavery: setting the record straight on slavery

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by Fred Elbel

Slavery existed in the United States well before America was formed. America's founders created a union under which slavery was abolished. But leftists disparage our Constitution and our country nevertheless based upon the false premise that Whites are all racists.

What You Can Do Today To Prepare For The 2020 Election

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Ann Corcoran just posted the following article on Refugee Resettlement Watch. Give it a read - she makes an excellent point. 

Video: Michelle Malkin Follows the Money Behind the Push for Open Borders

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In the following video, author Michelle Malkin discusses the well-funded infrastructure behind "Open Borders, Inc.".