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9 Lies About DACA Trump Is Buying Into

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John Binder
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September 15, 2017
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National News
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... Trump seems to be buying into a handful of untruths about DACA, amnesty for illegal aliens and his working-class, middle-class voter base.

1. All DACA recipients are innocent young people 

There have been 2,139 DACA recipients, deemed “DREAMers” by the open borders lobby, who have had their temporary protected status revoked due to crimes, including: “A felony criminal conviction; a significant misdemeanor conviction; multiple misdemeanor convictions; gang affiliation; or arrest of any crime in which there is deemed to be a public safety concern,” according to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency, as Breitbart News reported.

The majority of crimes by DACA recipients include: “Alien smuggling, assaultive offenses, domestic violence, drug offenses, DUI, larceny and thefts, criminal trespass and burglary, sexual offenses with minors, other sex offenses and weapons offenses,” USCIS has stated.

2. Signing the DREAM Act will make Trump more popular and expand his coalition

... as Pew Research has shown, Hispanics vote overwhelmingly with Democrats...

3. The Trump base will forget about an amnesty 

... Pew Research shows 79 percent of Trump supporters have said the issue is “very important” to them...

4. Legalizing DACA is not amnesty

... Though Trump is stern in his statement, allowing illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. in any form is considered “amnesty” by all immigration terms and policies.

5. DACA recipients are not taking U.S. jobs away from Americans

As a study by the pro-immigration group FWD.us revealed, an amnesty to DACA recipients would mean the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants currently holding jobs in the U.S. would be able to remain at those jobs, rather than those opportunities potentially opening up for American workers...

6. DACA recipients are highly-educated 

Though DACA has been touted by Trump as being a program for highly-educated illegal aliens, research by the Migration Policy Institute shows this is not the case and that a minority of DACA recipients have college degrees...

7. DACA recipients are not looking to take advantage of the immigration system

Though Trump now appears supportive of DACA, he has yet to address the concerns regarding thousands of DACA recipients who have schemed and used an advanced parole program loophole, allowing them to obtain Green Cards and U.S. citizenship...

8. Amnesty for DACA recipients will have no impact on illegal and legal immigration

Pro-American immigration reformers have told Breitbart News that an amnesty could lead to massive surges of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as surges in legal immigration, as DACA recipients become eligible to bring their foreign relatives to the U.S...

9. Amnesty will lead to pro-American immigration reforms

... as Rep. Steve King (R-IA) pointed out in a single tweet, history shows amnesty is not a winner in the long run for immigration policy in the national interest...

In fact, the very opposite is likely to happen if Trump signs an amnesty bill for illegal aliens. The open borders lobby and corporate interests are likely to push a full-fledged amnesty for all 12 to 30 million illegal aliens in the U.S. should Trump sign a DACA amnesty.




No Amnesty Is Good Amnesty, Ann Coulter, Breitbart, September 13, 2017:

Donald Trump is being told that amnesty for “Dreamers,” or DACA recipients, will only apply to a small, narrowly defined group of totally innocent, eminently deserving illegal immigrants, who were brought to this country “through no fault of their own” as “children.” (Children who are up to 36 years old.)

Every syllable of that claim is a lie, and I can prove it.

To see how DACA will actually work, let’s look at another extremely limited amnesty that was passed in 1986...

In the end, “up to 350,000 farm workers” turned into 1.3 million.
Oh well, what are you going to do? No use worrying—let’s just move forward and get all these people voter registration cards!...
President Trump is the last president who will ever have a chance to make the right decision on immigration. After this, it’s over. The boat will have sailed...

If Trump Listens To “Legislative Director” Marc Short, Kochtopus Infiltrator, And Caves On DACA Amnesty, He’s Through, James Kirkpatrick, VDare, September 13, 2017.

Blue State Blues: Trump, Beware the Revenge of the Angel Moms, Breitbart, September 15, 2017.

Hurricane DACA Targeting Washington Swampland: Are Republicans Prepared?, by Tom Tancredo, Breitbart, September 9, 2017.

President Trump’s six-month reprieve for Obama’s “Deferred Acton on Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) program could be a lifeline to the Republican party, but it can turn out to be a  death sentence if Republicans swallow the Democrats’ amnesty plan.
The early signs are not good, as it appears we are looking at a replay of the 2013 “Gang-of-Eight” fiasco in the Senate. Remember that circus? Four Republican pro-amnesty “moderates” — Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Marco Rubio and Jeff Flake —  joined four Democrats to sponsor a very ambitious amnesty bill. That bill passed the Senate but with a majority of Republican senators voting “no,” and it was so bad and doomed to failure it was never even introduced in the House.
Well, it looks like that failed Gang-of-Eight game plan is being resurrected for the 2017 campaign to sell a deceptive general amnesty bill as the “replacement” for Obama’s DACA program...
Yes, the new Schumer-Flake amnesty bill will give legal status to the 780,000 “Dreamers” who have been protected from deportation by the DACA program, but it does far more than that. The Schumer-Flake bill  also establishes a generous amnesty program which will give a green card and a  path to citizenship to over 5,000,000 migrants once its “family unity” and “humanitarian” loopholes are fully implemented.
This is “bait and switch” legislation at its worst...
Republicans can legislate legal status for the 780,000 DACA beneficiaries who have qualified under the 2012 conditions set forth in the 2012 administrative rules — and no one else– not the individuals who did not apply before September 5, 2017, not individuals who came here on their own and were not brought by their parents, not the petty criminals and additional millions of arrivals since 2007 who would qualify under the new rules and timetables in S.1615. In short, Republicans can write a bill that draws a line in the sand and welcomes the “DACA kids” but does not open the floodgates for a new wave of illegal entries.  Oh, and as the price for this generosity, Republicans can follow the suggestion of Senator Tom Cotton and add mandatory E-Verify for all employers to the bill...

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