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All Articles on the Impact of Immigration

Time to Repeal the Disastrous 1965 Immigration Act
American Thinker
Trump's DACA deal could flip 4 states to Dems
World Net Daily
Non-Citizens Committed a Disproportionate Share of Federal Crimes, 2011-16
American Renaissance
NYC To Install 1,500 Diversity Barriers After Latest Terror Attacks
Information Liberation
Refugee Resettlement: The High Cost of Good Intentions
American Thinker
Encouraging a Migration Explosion
American Greatness
Inconvenient Truths About Migration
Project Syndicate
Low-Skill Immigration: A Case for Restriction
American Affairs Journal
Yes, Virginia, Immigration Is Turning The Country Blue
A Muslim Ban Is Logical
American Renaissance
Pew produces handy summary of where refugees have been placed since FY02
Refugee Resettlement Watch
The Diversity Visa Lottery - not in America's interest
Center for Immigration Studies
We Didn’t Beat ISIS, It’s Here
Canada Free Press
The 2030 Great White Wave
Canada Free Press
Tucker Notes Automation’s Effect on Need for Immigrant Workers
Limits to Growth
Global meatpacking giant goes all in for refugee labor
World Net Daily
Homeland Security Uncovers Massive Immigration Failures
Frontpage Mag
Pay attention! Your town could become St. Cloud too!
Refugee Resettlement Watch
Refugee resettlement putting America at risk
Canada Free Press
Two Million Foreigners To Get Work Permits in 2017
Why Let DREAMers Steal $750 Billion From Americans?
Illegal Immigration: An Economic Poison Pill
American Thinker