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All Articles on the Impact of Immigration

Deadly diseases crossing border with illegals
World Net Daily
The joys of training your imported replacement
Cloward-Piven at the border
Human Events
No Evidence of a STEM Worker Shortage
Center for Immigration Studies
Population Growth Is Up but Job Creation Is Negative
Limits To Growth
Aliens with Serious Criminal Convictions Freed from Detention
Center for Immigration Studies
Eroding national sovereignty in the judicial system and the White House
Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform
My Secret Plan to Destroy America
Holding Steady in West Texas
Center for Immigration Studies
Population Explosion Planned by Open-Borders Elites
Limits To Growth
New Report on the Threat of Immigration to Limited Government
Limits To Growth
50 Years Later - Failing The Dream
PFIR - Progressives for Immigration Reform
Colorado River Drought Forces a Painful Reckoning for States
New York Times
China City - A perfect storm EB-5 proposal in upstate New York
Center for Immigration Studies
More Immigration = More Americans = Less Wilderness
Earth Island Journal
Reporter Finally Gets It Right on H-1Bs
Center for Immigration Studies
Migration Hurts the Homeland
New York Times
Senate bill would redistribute seats in Congress
Center for Immigration Studies
AFL-CIO Sees Illegal Aliens as 'Recruits'
Without immigration reform, 200-square-foot apartments will be common
The Oregonian
H-1B visas may still harm U.S. workers
Hartford Sentinal
Camp of the Saints Author Fears for the Future of European Civilization
Limits to Growth
The Elites’ Strange Plot to Take Over the World