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SPLC Spent Only $61,000 Out Of $328 Million On Legal Services In 2015
Information Liberation
The Southern Poverty Law Center reportedly spent only $61,000 pursuing their stated goal of providing "legal services" in 2015, despite having over $320 million in assets.   The Washington Free Beacon released a bombshell report Thursday showing the so-called "non-profit" has transferred millions of dollars to offshore...
Should Anti-trust Laws Be Used to Break Up the Social Media Giants?
Google, Facebook and the rest wield more power than most governments.
FrontPage Mag

The secular Left and the proponents of Islamic blasphemy laws have a new issue on which they are making common cause: the quest to destroy the freedom of speech, the cornerstone of our democracy. After Charlottesville, the Left sees its chance to crush all dissent, and given its alliance with Islamic supremacists, this...

45,000 Illegal Aliens s Using DACA Backdoor to Get Green Cards

President Barack Obama’s deputies opened a little-known immigration backdoor to put 45,000 DACA illegals on a multistep path to citizenship, according to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

According to the committee, the “advanced parole” loophole has ensured:

As of August 21, 2017, 45,447 DACA recipients...

CO lawmakers scramble to protect DACA recipients
The Denver Channel

They were brought to the U.S. as children of undocumented immigrants and a program called DACA allowed them to stay, to go to school and enter the workforce ...

There is a chance that could all go away as President Trump could decide to repeal DACA any moment now...

"Every day I wake up and the first thing I...

Zuckerberg Group: 700K American Job Openings If DACA Ends

A study by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s open borders organization revealed that if an Obama-created amnesty program for young illegal aliens is ended, it would open nearly 700,000 American jobs.

Zuckerberg’s FWD.us group – a pro-immigration lobbying group – released the study with the intention to show the...

Kris Kobach: The DACA Amnesty Must Be Ended
An important deadline is approaching for the Trump Administration. By September 5, President Trump must decide whether or not to repeal President Obama’s DACA (“Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”) executive amnesty for illegal aliens.   The deadline was set by ten States, whose attorneys general (or governor, in the...
Denver enacts subversive sanctuary city ordinance

On August 28, 2017, the city of Denver passed an ordinance codifying their sanctuary city policy. It was passed 10-0 with 3 unrecorded abstentions.

The Denver government website page contains this announcement: Denver Announces New Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Ordinance. Also see a summary of the ordinance...

Tancredo: Approaching (and Applauding?) the Twilight of Freedom of Speech

August of 2017 might be recorded as the date the ground shifted under the feet of defenders of constitutional liberty and freedom of assembly in the United States. The nation’s newspaper establishment is now providing a public platform for normalizing the claim that the Constitution’s protections for freedom of the press...

Trump must suspend refugee program for FY18
Refugee Resettlement Watch
If you are getting tired of hearing me on this subject, be prepared for more weariness because I plan to talk about it until that date in about mid-September when the President sends his State Department-crafted fiscal year “determination” to the Hill for “consultation” with Congress.   This year is a bit different,...
Protections for undocumented immigrants are about public safety, councilmembers say
9 News

Denver could get federal backlash, but the Mile High City's elected leaders are moving forward with a vote Monday night to protect undocumented immigrants.

Although opponents disagree, City Councilmember Paul López says don't call Denver a "sanctuary city” as this bill is about public safety. ..

The bill is...

Trudeau Rows Back on ‘Refugees Welcome’ as Quebec Hands Migrants $2.6 Million a Month in Welfare

Quebec has pledged to hand out welfare cheques to around 4,000 asylum seekers as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau backtracks on his open invitation to migrants ...

The migrants travelled via an unofficial crossing point between New York and Quebec after left wing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau extended an open...

Denver elevates immigration stance: no asking about status, but limited info-sharing includes jail release notifications
Denver Post

An elevated immigration policy stance approved Monday night by the Denver City Council boils down easily: Don’t ask about anyone’s status, don’t share it and don’t help federal authorities with enforcement.

But that simplicity carried serious meaning for dozens of people who filled the council’s chambers for a public...

Hate group hits jackpot - SPLC

The ludicrously misnamed Southern Poverty Law Center has become a scam operating as a left-wing hate cult. The SPLC specializes in directing something far beyond the Orwellian Two Minutes Hate to the likes of Charles Murray and Ayaan Hirsi Ali and others it designates for opprobrium as “extremists” or a “hate group.” Where...

ICE confirms 14 immigrant arrests in Garfield, Eagle counties
Post Independent

Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 14 undocumented immigrants in operations in Garfield and Eagle counties this month ...

"Twelve of those arrested had convictions for crimes, such as burglary, driving under the influence and felony drug charges. One of the criminal aliens arrested was also a MS-13 gang...

President Trump pardons Joe Arpaio

President Trump today issued a pardon to the man he calls “Sheriff Joe” — Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Arpaio was convicted of failing to follow a court order to end the practice of detaining people based on the suspicion that they lack legal status and turning them over to the border patrol...

Gallup: 147 million migrants would come to US right now (if they could)!
Refugee Resettlement Watch
When I told you about Gallup’s recent survey of countries that are the least and most accepting of migrants yesterday, I noticed this survey I missed in June.   The present US population is about 325 million.    So you can see that 147 million wannabe migrants is huge.   The next time you debate with a NO Borders...
J.P. Morgan’s Hate List - SPLC - Southern Poverty Law Center
What is its gift to the Southern Poverty Law Center telling bank customers?
Cet US News

Corporate America will do almost anything to stay on the safe side of public opinion—at least as it’s defined by the media. CEOs will apologize, grovel, resign, settle. They will even, as of this month, legitimize and fund an outfit that exists to smear conservatives.

The press is still obsessing over President...

Immigration agents inside schools? Why some activists are warning undocumented students about Trump’s policy shifts
LA School Report

One student exchanged hand gestures with a classmate in the school hallway. Another drew graffiti in his notebook. A third wore a Chicago Bulls T-shirt.

School authorities on Long Island, New York, accused the teenagers of displaying signs or symbols associated with a notorious street gang with close ties to Central...

Watch two centuries of US immigration in a two minute visual

Here are some very interest short visuals. Typically one to two minutes each:

Watch two centuries of US immigration in this two minute visual

All the World’s Immigration Visualized in 1 Map

Visualizing the Flow of Asylum Seekers Into the Industrialized World

World Population: Every Globe...

Tancredo: Establishment Media, GOP Betray First Amendment over VDARE Conference

A conference planned for April 2018 at a resort in Colorado Springs — a conference, not a political rally — was abruptly canceled this past week by resort owners after local officials in the most heavily Republican county in Colorado warned that they would withhold police protection against threatened disruption by...

Policy Under Trump Bars Obama-Era Path to U.S. for Central American Youths
The New York Times

The Trump administration is cutting off an Obama-era pathway to the United States for young [illegal alien] migrants...

The Obama administration expanded the program beyond children last year to include more categories of migrants ...

CAIRCO Research

Illegal alien teenagers eligible for taxpayer-paid...

Outing Left Wing Fascists-Nazis
Canada Free Press

I like most of my fellow Republicans and conservatives was a victim of the progressive paradigm, embedded in all our institutions of culture, from academia to Hollywood to the media. ...the story that we had accepted, like suckers, was the idea that fascism and Nazism are inherently “right wing.”—Dinesh D’Souza “The Big Lie...

Study Finds There Are 3.5 Million More Registered Voters In U.S. Than Eligible Voters
D.C. Clothesline
... We live in a country where the voter rolls seem to be stacked with illegal [alien] immigrants and dead people, and our voting machines are shockingly easy to hack. And not only that, but states like California have hundreds of thousands more registered voters than eligible voters.   It’s not just California that has...
Donald Trump’s Merit Immigration Reform Saves $1 Trillion by 2027, Says Study

President Donald Trump’s merit immigration reform will save $1 trillion in various taxpayer-funded welfare and aid programs, says a cautious report by the Heritage Foundation.

The $1 trillion cost-saving generates a $3,000 saving for each American, and it is gained by halving one decade’s inflow of unskilled...

OFIR launches SOS - Stop Oregon Sanctuaries ballot measure drive
Stop Oregon Sanctuaries

Oregonians for Immigration Reform has launched a new initiative: Initiative Petition 22 - "Stop Oregon Sanctuaries" - to be placed on the November 2018 statewide ballot. OFIR is now collecting petition signatures.

88,184 signatures of registered Oregon voters need to be collected by July 2018.