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Video: Ex-ICE Official: Neglect of Workplace Enforcement Harmful to Workers and the Economy
Center for Immigration Studies

View Mr. Riley’s video interview. 
View the CIS policy video series. 

In a new Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) video, a former Assistant Special Agent in Charge at U.S. Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement (ICE) examines worksite enforcement and the agency’s neglect of illegal employment. William Riley...

ICE Released 2,837 Convicted Alien Sex Offenders to Comply With Supreme Court Ruling
CNS News

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has released 2,837 convicted criminal alien sex offenders back into American communities in order to comply with a Supreme Court decision authored by Clinton-appointed Justice Stephen Breyer, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The 2,837...

A snapshot of education reform: Latino students in DPS
The performance gap between Latino and black students and their white peers remains stagnant
The Denver Post

A few weeks ago, Denver Public Schools released the results of the 2013 Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP), a measurement of students' yearly improvement in reading, writing, math and science. Although DPS had the highest growth rates for the second year in a row of any of Colorado's 12 largest school districts...

Sen. John Morse ousted in historic vote
Denver Post

COLORADO SPRINGS — In an historic recall election Tuesday, voters ousted state Senate President John Morse over his support of tougher gun laws passed earlier this year...

With almost 100 percent of votes counted in the historic recall election of Morse, returns show 51 percent have voted "yes" and 49 percent "no...

Angela Giron ousted in Colorado recall election
Denver Post

PUEBLO — State Sen. Angela Giron has been recalled and retired Pueblo deputy police chief George Rivera voted in as her replacement.

With 100 percent of the votes counted, about 56 percent called for Giron to be unseated. About 44 percent voted for her retention, according to final results reported by the Pueblo...

The Colorado Recalls Explained
The Volokh Conspiracy

Yesterday voters in Colorado recalled two State Senators. One result was not a surprise, and the other is a shock. Of course the votes are Second Amendment victories for the right to arms, but more fundamentally, they are Fourteenth Amendment victories for Due Process of Law...

Former State Senate President John...

Drug cartel teams with Mexican Mennonites to move pot to Colorado
Some drivers from the Mennonite community, others were members of notoriously brutal cartel
The Denver Post

A group of Mexican Mennonites are accused by federal authorities of working with the Juárez drug cartel to move tons of pot to Colorado Springs and North Carolina.

"They would grow, process, package the marijuana, and manufacture the sealed compartments" they installed in large pieces of farm machinery, then truck it...

Can the US Feed the World?

The September issue of Progressive Farmer magazine included a well-researched spread on “Feeding the World - Food Cliff - Can a booming world population be fed without overtaxing resources?" The article asks:

By now, just about everyone knows the scenario: more than 9 billion people on the planet by 2050, all...

20 million illegals in US, say former border patrol officers
Daily Caller

The number of undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] residing in the United States is likely as high as 20 million, according to the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO).

In an open letter to Congress Monday, NAFBPO chairman Zach Taylor wrote that the current estimate of 11 million...

Immigrants from India surge across Arizona border

...Indians are part of a mysterious surge in migrants from the South Asian country showing up at the Arizona border without legal visas and then requesting asylum to remain permanently in the U.S. out of fear they may be persecuted if returned to their homeland.

They arrive after paying as much as $35,000 to be...

August Jobs: Immigrant Displacement Of American Workers Off The charts

Immigrant displacement of American workers has reached an all-time high—right as Congress returns from its August recess and, incredibly, is looking at passing some version of the Eight Gangsters’ Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill.

Employers added 169,000 jobs in August, slightly below expectations. The unemployment...

Australia Adopts Tough Measures to Curb Asylum Seekers
New York Times

SYDNEY, Australia — Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia moved on Friday to curtail the record number of people trying the dangerous boat journey to claim asylum in the country, pledging that no one who arrives by boat without a visa will ever be granted permission to settle in Australia.

Under the tough policy,...

Giving a Voice to the Victims Killed by Illegal Aliens - The Remembrance Project
National Campaign Underway: State Leaders Needed
Numbers USA

The Remembrance Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in Houston, Texas, honors and remembers Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens. One of their initiatives, "The Stolen Lives Quilt" serves to unite the victims' family members with each other, and with our American families ...

Now in 18...

Overpopulation in America and the world: radioactive oceans
Fukushima in overflow: radioactive effluent circulating into all oceans

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” ― Chief Seattle

Twenty-nine months after Fukushima’s nuclear power plants exploded and started leaking millions or possibly billions of...

Sessions: Immigration plan bad for U.S. workers
Business groups want cheap labor, but what about loyalty to our own people.
USA Today

There is an unspoken question at the heart of the immigration debate: What is the loyalty a nation owes to its own citizens?

Business groups financing the push for comprehensive immigration reform [amnesty for illegal aliens] believe they have the right to demand from Congress as many workers as they want from abroad...

Immigration Enforcement: A History of Neglect
Center for Immigration Studies

In 2007, former Secretary Napolitano wrote in the Washington Post that, "No one favors illegal immigration. But there are upwards of 12 million [to 40 million] people illegally in this country — people who work, who have settled their families and who have raised their children here. For 20 years our country has done...

An Unspoken Truth: It's the Immigration Enforcement System that Is Broken
Center for Immigration Studies

The immigration policy of an moderate, democratic, relatively wealthy country like the United States that is the preferred destination of tens of millions of potential immigrants and the actual destination of over a million new legal immigrants every year is likely to be complex and therefore difficult.


An Unspoken Immigration Truth: What's NOT Broken
Center for Immigration Studies

One of the most overused and hackneyed phases in the present immigration debate is: "The system is broken." The metaphor is meant to convey the immigration system is important, that its major elements are dysfunctional, and that therefore the system must be fixed. QED.

It follows from this logic that all the major...

Immigrant (entered illegally twice now) without green card asks CA top court for law license
In the meantime, he has been working as a motivational speaker and an independent contractor.
Los Angeles Times

The California Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday on whether a Mexican immigrant in the United States without legal permission who graduated from law school and passed the bar should be licensed as a lawyer.

Sergio C. Garcia, 36,  has been trying to get his California law license for four years. The State...

Media owned by six corporations

There are 1,500 newspapers, 1,100 magazines, 9,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV stations, 2,400 publishers... owned by only 6 corporations.

Which is why we at CAIRCO take the time to research and present news coverage from wide-ranging and diverse - but not politically correct -...

Amnesty Immigration reform's No. 1 enemy: Time

Immigration reform [amnesty for illegal alien] advocates have a new enemy: the congressional calendar.

Fall’s fiscal fights have lined up in a way that could delay immigration reform [amnesty] until 2014, multiple senior House Republican leadership aides tell POLITICO, imperiling the effort’s prospects before the...

Immigration Advocates Hijack Dr. King's Legacy for Amnesty

This past weekend, several thousand people gathered on the National Mall to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. In the powerful address, Dr. King envisioned a society where the "content" of a man's character meant more than the "color of his skin." Events this weekend, however,...

Obama Administration Backdoor Amnesties Illegal Alien Parents

The Obama Administration has once again used the summer months to issue new policy that circumvents Congress and further expands its prosecutorial discretion policy, which encourages Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to ignore immigration violations by classes of individuals.

This time, the Obama...

Buyer Beware: White House Sells Amnesty with Dubious Keynesian Economics

The White House last week released a report claiming that granting amnesty and citizenship to illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] would increase the income of Americans by $791 billion over the next decade. Most of this bump in income would go to the former illegal immigrants themselves, but the White House also claimed...

Coretta Scott King in 1991: Hold Employers Accountable for Hiring Illegal Aliens

Pro-amnesty activists trying to co-opt the civil rights messages of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to push immigration reform [amnesty for illegal aliens] through Congress seem to be directly contradicting the wishes of the late Dr. King and his wife, Coretta Scott King. Mrs. King carried on her husband's civil rights activism...