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Immigration lobbies spent $1.5 billion since 2007
The Daily Caller

A loose alliance of business and political groups has spent almost $1.5 billion since late 2007 to rewrite the nation’s immigration law according to a new report.

The flood of money hired 3,136 lobbyists at 678 lobbying groups to pass one or more of 987 small or large bills, said the March 25 report from the Sunlight...

Mexico is Most Dangerous Country on the Planet
M3 Report

Some of the items reported in the latest M3 report include:

Gunmen Kills 7 in Cancun Bar as Thousands Enjoy Spring Break Throats Being Cut At “Secure” Border Sheriff Babeu Weighs in on I.C.E. Releasing Detainees Mexico is Most Dangerous Country on the Planet Border Patrol Shoots and Kills Suspect-Agent Wounded...
ICE union head on immigration reform: ‘Zero confidence any promises of future enforcement will be fulfilled’
The Daily Caller

The head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent union says that he has no confidence that the Obama administration would step up its border control efforts as part of any immigration reform agreement.

Chris Crane, ICE officer and National ICE Council president representing 7,000 ICE agents, officers, and...

Anti-cooperation bill update: Immigration reporting repeal effort clears House, heads to Senate

Recognizing its party’s collective need to improve its standing with Hispanic voters, Republicans spent far less time arguing against [House Bill 1258] a proposal to roll back a 2006 state law that forces local law enforcement agencies to report anyone arrested for a crime who is suspected of being in the country illegally...

Exit Tracking: The Obama Administration’s Bodyguard Of Lies

Winston Churchill famously said, "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” The Obama Administration thinks A Big Lie needs a bodyguard of smaller lies.

Washington is waging a war, but the enemy is its own people: the traditional American nation. The horrible truth...

Obama returns to immigration issue
White House officials are confident that enough GOP lawmakers will sign on
USA Today

Fresh off his Middle East trip, President Obama returns to domestic issues this week, starting with immigration.

Obama is scheduled to speak Monday at a naturalization ceremony for active duty service members and civilians at the White House. The president, who returned to the White House on Saturday night from a...
The suicide of the Republican Party
Tom Tancredo calls RNC's 'amnesty manifesto' embarrassingly stupid

This week the Republican National Committee issued a 100-page “autopsy” of the 2012 presidential election and recommended a “rebranding” that guarantees the end of the Republican Party as a contender in national elections.

There are no surprises here. No one expects much from the RNC, and this embarrassingly stupid...

Why I No Longer Stand With Rand

In 2010, I endorsed Rand Paul for US Senate, and my Political Action Committee that supports anti-amnesty candidates contributed to and raised money for his campaign. Rand Paul’s platform stated that “I do not support amnesty. Those who come here should respect our laws.” He supported Arizona’s SB 1070, opposed birthright...

A revealing map of who wants to move to the U.S.


Gallup released some new data this week on migration, for which they asked people from 154 countries if they would like to migrate, and if so where to. The United States was by far the most popular destination; Gallup estimates that 138 million people would like to relocate there. The...

Gang of Eight Push for More Immigration despite Bleak Employment
Center for Immigration Studies

Eight U.S. senators, collectively known as the Gang of Eight (Gof8), have outlined an immigration plan that allows illegal immigrants to remain in the country and increases legal immigration in the future. One of their chief justifications for allowing illegal immigrants to remain in their jobs, and for increasing...

Don't Stand With Rand
Center for Immigration Studies

Summary: Senator Paul amassed a lot of political capital with his filibuster, even among people who don’t fully agree with him on the drone issue, or foreign policy in general. But I’m afraid he’s just dissipated a lot of that good will with this embarrassing, amateurish foray into a policy area he knows nothing about....

Hispanics Extend Reach Beyond Enclaves
South Americans and Others Found to Live in More Integrated Areas Than Mexicans in a Study of Latinos' Demographics
Wall Street Journal

South Americans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans are settling among the existing U.S. population more readily than Mexicans, the nation's largest Hispanic group, a trend with implications for politics, the economy and other areas of daily life.

In another finding of a study of U.S. Hispanics to be released Wednesday, the...

Rise of Latino population blurs US racial lines- will test limits of civil rights laws
College admissions may focus on income level rather than race/ethnicity.
Orange County Register

A historic decline in the number of U.S. whites and the fast growth of Latinos are blurring traditional black-white color lines, testing the limits of civil rights laws and reshaping political alliances as "whiteness" begins to lose its numerical dominance.

Long in coming, the demographic shift was most vividly...
Ann Coulter's Tremendous Speech At CPAC And The Decadence Of Conservatism, Inc.

...The vice-chairman of the American Conservative Union said that CPAC [Conservative Political Action Conference] this year would get away from the “glamor” of past conferences and bring it back to “substance”...

But as the party continues, the cracks in the foundation are growing ever greater. This was to be the...

Steve King: Undocumented Immigrants Are 'Undocumented Democrats'
Representative from Iowa says a pathway to citizenship is Republican suicide

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Rep. Steve King has no time for the talk of Republican evolution on immigration.

The long-time opponent of comprehensive reform told a panel sponsored by Breitbart.com at CPAC Saturday that Republicans getting behind a pathway to citizenship [amnesty for illegal aliens] — a component of reform...

America – For Sale
US Border Patrol Local 2544, Tucson, AZ

America – For Sale: This is what happens when politicians sell American laws and values down the river for Democrat votes. Apparently there are thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens who didn’t get the Napolitano memo about how “secure” the border is. They just keep coming…and coming…and coming. Since we aren’t allowed...

The SPLC Is At It Again

Well, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is at it again. In their typical obsessive hate-filled paranoia, the SPLC has issued another baseless assassination piece against anyone whom they consider to be “right-wing.” They call their hit piece, “The Year in Hate and Extremism.” Of course, only “right-wing” leaders are so...

Tuition assistance to end for military, but not for illegal aliens

Across the board budget cuts, a/k/a sequestration, has forced the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force to halt their tuition assistance programs which are important to America's warriors, according to Pentagon Press Secretary George Little on Tuesday. However, this week the state of Colorado announced it was extending in-state...

Video: 15 year old Texas student refuses to pledge allegiance to Mexico
Federal lawsuit filed on student's behalf
Fox News

TMLC Attorney Erin Mersino Goes 'On the Record' with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News.

Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) attorney, Erin Mersino appeared on the Fox News program 'On the Record' with Greta Van Susteren to discuss TMLC's representation of Brenda Brinsdon, a 15-year old Texas high school student punished for...

Mexican cartel violence spills into U.S. as 'drug assassin' pleads no contest to beheading man in Arizona
Mail Online (UK)
Crisantos Moroyoqui-Yocupicio, 39, has pleaded no contest to 2010 beheading in Phoenix apartment Only one of three suspected hit men have been arrested Cartel killings in U.S. are said to be rare out of fear of attention from American authorities Victim and four suspects all are from Mexico and were in the U.S. illegally...
Colorado House gives initial approval to in-state tuition for illegal immigrants[aliens]
Denver Post

Ten years after it was first introduced in the legislature, a bill allowing illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] in Colorado to attend public colleges at the in-state tuition rate appears to be just days away from passage.

The Colorado House gave the bill initial approval Tuesday in a debate that turned nasty at times...

Hickenlooper Administration Mulls Release of Saudi Sex Offender
The Colorado Observer

A convicted Saudi felon who was sentenced to 28 years in prison after being convicted by a Colorado jury for imprisoning his housekeeper and holding her as a sex slave could soon be released from prison.

Homaidan al-Turki, a Saudi citizen whose 2006 case made headlines and triggered national outrage when he was...

The Tidal Wave Has Begun
US Border Patrol Local 2544

With all the news about cutbacks in Border Patrol agent positions, lack of coverage at the border, and the idiotic release of hundreds or thousands of criminal illegal aliens from prison, we have already begun to see unusually large groups of illegal aliens entering the United States in some parts of the country. This is...

ICE Cuts Deal with Unions to Avoid Enforcing Immigration Law

Unions are willing to go very far indeed to attract immigrants [illegal aliens] to their ranks. In a dramatic new development, unions are actually protecting immigrants who are potential union members against America’s own labor and immigration laws. A recent example involves Palermo’s Villa, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin frozen...

Video: Chris Crane Delivers Testimony At House Immigration Hearing
Current state of immigration enforcement "a joke"

February 5: in a House Judiciary Committee hearing on America's immigration system, Chris Crane, who serves as president of the union representing more than 7,000 rank-and-file ICE agents, discussed problems at the agency -- including agents being prevented by their leadership from enforcing existing immigration law. In...