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Americans Don’t Know Much About Immigration, But Know What They Want: The ZERO OPTION!

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Paul Nachman
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June 26, 2017
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National News
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Immigration is unpopular with Americans. Really unpopular. And that’s immigration, full-stop—not merely illegal immigration.

How do I know? My reading of NumbersUSA polls, both current and from the last few years...

Numbers V.P. Jim Robb told me in a recent phone conversation that these Missouri numbers aren’t outliers—he’s been seeing “Zero” triumph in polls since they started including it as an option...

He also said that Numbers recently commissioned polls like the one for Missouri in other 2018 Senate-battleground states, with similar results. You can monitor this link at Numbers website to stay current as they’re reported...

By 2013, he was wondering: “How low will they [the polled public] go?” Thus he first tried the Zero Option that year via a Google Internet-based survey...

Here were the answers from the Zero Option’s debut:

  • 52% None
  • 21% Half a million per year
  • 13% One million per year
  • 14% Two million per year

“So,” Jim concluded, “73 percent wanted to cut immigration by half or more.”

And 52 percent wanted no immigration at all!..

Clearly, a large percentage of today’s Americans—numerate or innumerate, with or without hearing the context—get it.

For all of us, it’s: Immigration—end it, don’t mend it.


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