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Attorney: Mother of 3 deported to Mexico

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From previous article: After her convictions in 2012, a judge asked her to voluntarily leave . She remained, despite the final court order, and had three young children.
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Emily Allen
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Fox 31 KDVR
Article date: 
June 24, 2017
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Colorado News
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A mother of three who had been living with her family in Colorado was deported to Mexico on Saturday, her attorney James Lamb said.

Her family, attorneys and advocacy groups called on Colorado lawmakers to intervene before she was sent to Mexico...

Efforts to stop it didn’t work and she was sent to Mexico ....

CAIRCO Notes: Isle Christina Rodriguez-Sagarnaga gave birth to three children (all are under the age of 4 years old)  after her final Court-ordered deportation orders.

Related: After the convictions, a judge asked her to voluntarily leave the U.S. in 2012. When she didn't, it became a final order of removal. She was granted a temporary stay in 2016, but her request for another stay was denied ...