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Aurora wrestles with "sanctuary city" label as immigrant fears escalate

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City insists it is not a sanctuary city but does not enforce immigration law on behalf of the federal government
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The article mistakenly referrs to illegal aliens as "immigrants"
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John Aguilar
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Denver Post
Article date: 
April 4, 2017
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Colorado News
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Concerned immigrants [illegal aliens] and their advocates came before the Aurora City Council on Monday night to urge the city not to shed its sanctuary status — a status city leaders argue doesn’t even apply to Aurora.

Resident Maria Guerrero told the council that many members of Aurora’s racially diverse community are scared by what they see in the news, as President Donald Trump continues to take a hard line approach to illegal immigration.

“They are scared of being detained based on how they look,” she said.

Monday’s discussion comes as the Trump administration threatens to withhold federal funds from communities that do not cooperate with immigration authorities. Aurora took in about $11.5 million in federal funds in 2015...

[Aurora] Mayor Steve Hogan told the audience that the city’s policies haven’t changed since the new administration came into office in January.

The city doesn’t obstruct Immigration and Customs Enforcement from doing its job, but it doesn’t enforce federal law on behalf of the agency either.

“It’s not up to us to tell ICE we’re holding someone they may be interested in,” he said...



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