Colorado's Ethiopian community celebrates their new year in Aurora

Article author: 
Jesse Paul
Article publisher: 
The Denver Post
Article date: 
14 September 2014
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Colorado News
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Mulugeta Hailu moved from Ethiopia to Denver over two decades ago seeking an escape from political persecution.

The move meant leaving his homeland and rich culture behind as he left for greener pastures. But now, after all those years, he's a part of a growing Ethiopian community in Colorado of more than 27,000 whose size and closeness was clear here Sunday at a festival celebrating the Ethiopian New Year.

In a way, a bit of the African nation moved to Colorado with Hailu.

"We're trying to teach our kids," said Hailu, who has three young children. "Some of them don't even speak our language."

Organizers expected about 1,000 people to attend the celebration at Del Mar Park where red, yellow and green Ethiopian flags hung from the trees ...

The Ethiopian New Year, which actually happened Thursday, is based off the country's 13-month calendar ...

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