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Denver leaders host immigrant and refugee forum

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"Sanctuary Cities Threat Could Cost Colorado Cities Millions - CBS 4"
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9 News
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February 11, 2017
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Colorado News
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Denver’s mayor and police chief made it clear Saturday afternoon that local police would not do the job of federal immigration officers ...

DPD Police Chief Robert White later told the crowd the Denver Police Department will not do “ICE work.”

“We do not arrest, detain individuals or question individuals because of their status,” Chief White said ...

Mayor Hancock also addressed questions about whether Denver was a sanctuary city. Local attorney Whitney Leeds pressed the mayor during the Q&A session whether the city would embrace the title of sanctuary city and consider sanctuary measures passed by cities like Boulder.

“The city of Denver – it says that it’s doing things and yet we don’t see the policy,” Leeds said.

Mayor Hancock told 9NEWS accepting the label of “sanctuary city” does not extend any additional protections to the people of Denver ...

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