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Google’s New ‘Fact-Check Feature’ Targets Conservative Sites

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Pamela Geller
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Geller Report
Article date: 
January 10, 2018
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National News
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Further proof of what I have been documenting for the past year: the social media giants’ war on freedom and truth.

The election of President Trump was the casus belli for the left’s war on free speech. Stunned by his victory, they could not reconcile that he won. The media, cultural and academic elites vigorously campaigned against Trump. Movies, music, media elites waged a daily war against him in the run-up to the election. It shocked them.They blamed websites like mine and the apparatus that transmits our news — social media. Social media giants are run by uniformly left-wing corporate media managers — and so the purge began and it continues.

Google has scrubbed its search results of sites and posts critical of jihad and sharia. Fifteen years of work, forty thousand plus posts of mine, just disappeared from Google search.

Social media giants are run by uniformly left-wing corporate managers. And are waging a very real war against those with whom they disagree. They are blowing up our First Amendment rights and government action is long overdue....

Google’s New Fact-Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites

Google, the most powerful search engine in the world, is now displaying fact checks for conservative publications in its results.

No prominent liberal site receives the same treatment.

By Daily Caller, January 9, 2018:

And not only is Google’s fact-checking highly partisan — perhaps reflecting the sentiments of its leaders — it is also blatantly wrong, asserting sites made “claims” they demonstrably never made.

When searching for a media outlet that leans right, like The Daily Caller (TheDC), Google gives users details on the sidebar, including what topics the site typically writes about, as well as a section titled “Reviewed Claims.”

Vox, and other left-wing outlets and blogs like Gizmodo, are not given the same fact-check treatment. When searching their names, a “Topics they write about” section appears, but there are no “Reviewed Claims.”

In fact, a review of mainstream outlets, as well as other outlets associated with liberal and conservative audiences, shows that only conservative sites feature the highly misleading, subjective analysis. Several conservative-leaning outlets like TheDC are “vetted,” while equally partisan sites like Vox, ThinkProgress, Slate, The Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Salon, Vice and Mother Jones are spared.

Occupy Democrats is apparently the only popular content provider from that end of the political spectrum with a fact-checking section.

Big name publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times are even given a column showcasing all of the awards they have earned over the years.




Damore Lawsuit: Google Defines ‘Diverse’ As Individuals Who Are ‘Not Caucasian or Asian’, Breitbart, January 10, 2018:

According to a recent lawsuit filed by former Google engineer James Damore, Google’s definition of diversity is “women or individuals who were not Caucasian or Asian.”
A class-action lawsuit filed by former Google employee James Damore has allowed a deep insight into the operations and beliefs of tech giant Google and provided further examples of Silicon Valley’s PC culture. The latest claim to be noted in Damore’s lawsuit is that Google doesn’t consider Asian or Caucasian males to be “diverse....
During an interview with fired Google employee James Damore on Tuesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that Google -- not the federal government -- represents the greatest threat to free speech in America.
"If you're conservative it might be difficult to get your head around what is happening in this country so much has changed but here's the bottom line: the federal government is no longer the main threat to your privacy and to your freedoms. You've grown up thinking that, it's no longer true," Carlson said.
"Big corporations are the main threat to your freedom and your privacy," he said. "The government doesn't own your private emails, Google does. Federal employees can't be fired for their political views, private sector employees are all the time. The Trump administration can't end your ability to publicly communicate your ideas. Twitter and Facebook can do that and they do do it all the time. The Orwellian future is increasingly the Orwellian present and tech barons are becoming our new commissars. Liberals who once admirably stood up for free expression in opposition to concentrations of corporate power have been thoroughly co-opted -- they're getting rich from it."
Tucker went on to interview former Google employee James Damore who says he was fired from the company and discriminated against for being a straight white male. [watch video]
Tucker shared a host of disturbing excerpts from Damore's newly filed lawsuit which appear to show Google is run by fanatical antifa who incentivise the crushing of dissent...

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