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Hickenlooper: The Governor That Might Have Been

Article author: 
Mark Hillman
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Complete Colorado
Article date: 
June 6, 2013
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Colorado News
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John Hickenlooper had a chance to bring a breath of fresh air to the governor’s office.

Imminently likable and with a charmed political career, he could have been the rare maverick moderate Democrat – strong enough and bold enough to be a governor for all Colorado. He could have been the adult in the room when liberal legislators ran amok on the lunatic fringe.

For two years, he largely fit the bill. With a Republican majority in the state House offset by Democrats controlling the Senate, playing the centrist required little effort.

This year, however, he has been all too reminiscent of his feckless predecessor, signing virtually any bill on the wacky wish list of the loony Left...

To supposedly make us safer, he signed House Bills 1224 and 1229 that impose such ridiculous burdens on gun owners that most everyone who owns a gun will unwittingly violate one or both of those laws. These bills were so incompetently written that their supporters, including Hickenlooper, expressed hope that they won’t be strictly enforced.

But with a stroke of Hickenlooper’s pen, law-abiding gun owners are likely to become breakers of an arbitrarily and irrational law...

Sadly, for those of us who hoped to find a Democrat governor who would give a damn about people beyond his political base, we now know that he’s not a better governor than his predecessor – just a better talker.



The article fails to mention that Hickenlooper privately signed into law on June 5, 2013 a bill giving driver licenses to illegal aliens in Colorado. This affront to Colorado citizens flies in the face of a Rasmussen Report poll of likely voters in Colorado on December 12, 2007 that found that 75% oppose granting drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. There will be no criminal background checks for illegal aliens who apply for driver licenses under this bill.

On April 29, 2013, Hickenlooper signed SB13-033 giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens and giving illegal alien students access to the College Opportunity Trust funds and other student aid. This law circumvents to the 1996 federal law prohibiting tuition breaks for illegal alien students except where the same rate is afforded to all US residents by using the "California model". It does so by  avoiding the term "resident" and instead associating eligibility with attendance at a Colorado high school.

Hickenlooper also signed into law on April 26, 2013 the anti-cooperation bill to repeal SB90. SB90 was the bipartisan 2006 ban on sanctuary cities for illegal aliens.

Even back in 2005-2006, CAIRCO was aware of then-mayor Hickenlooper's open borders agenda - see photos of our surprise visit to the Burrito Breakfast with Mayor Hickenlooper supporting Denver's El Centro illegal alien hiring hall. It seems that Colorado voters are only now begining to recognize the dangers of a liberal leftist Governor and state Legislature.