How to know when migrant gravy train arrives in your town

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Feds to 'strong arm' cities into welcoming 'new Americans'
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Leo Hohmann
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World Net Daily
Article date: 
25 April 2015
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National News
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What are the signs that your community has been secretly selected for an infusion of refugees from Muslim nations like Syria or Somalia, or migrant workers from Central America?

The Obama White House released a report last week on the integration of immigrants and refugees that provides some clues.

It could be something as simple as a new billboard along the highway touting the contributions of diverse immigrant populations and refugees. Or maybe you’ll hear a radio spot or see a TV ad delivering the same type of message.

Your city council may pass a proclamation “celebrating” and “welcoming” the “cultural diversity” and economic benefits of refugees and other “new Americans.”...

... the biggest sign that new arrivals are on their way, will be the “messaging” sent out through local media and official government offices....

It’s all part of a strategy, reported on last week by WND, to “water the soil” and “plant seedlings” into host communities, also called “receiving communities.”

WND also reported last week how the federal government withholds key information from the public in host communities until right before or after refugees arrive, and how one congressman, Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., is demanding answers to 17 questions about the program.

Obama’s ramped-up strategy to integrate new immigrants is about to be unfurled upon unsuspecting cities and counties across the U.S. They will be expected to follow the federal plan to “build welcoming communities” that empower migrants and refugees, turning them into “new Americans.”

Once the soil has been prepared, the seedlings will arrive. And the seedlings, according to those planning the changes for your city or town, need to be nurtured and cultivated into healthy communities of their own. They will eventually be fully “integrated,” meaning they are firmly established and able to grow within their host community, eventually overtaking the host.

The plans to transform America through immigration, as spelled out in the new White House report, involves almost every government agency working in tandem with community organizers from immigrant-rights groups like National Council for La Raza [The Race] and the National Partnership for New Americans...

The document is permeated with Orwellian euphemisms, starting with the title, “Strengthening Communities by Welcoming all Residents,”...

Judicial Watch, the Washington, D.C.-based government watchdog organization, predicted Wednesday that cities and counties will be “strong-armed into participating in this immigrant welcoming effort.”

One way that could happen is through the withholding of various federal block grants for development projects for cities that don’t participate, while showering communities that do participate with new grant money...

Conveniently omitted, says Judicial Watch’s review of the report, are the devastating impacts of illegal immigration, “like the billions of dollars American taxpayers spend annually on their education, health care and incarceration.”...

‘Feeding growth in government’

Steven Comarata, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies, said these types of government overreaches should be expected when immigration levels are as high as they are today...

“And we’re having absolutely no debate at all on that,” he said....


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