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As Immigration Raids Spread, Mayor Hancock Tries to Reassure Denver

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It's about time for some immigration law enforcement in the Sanctuary City of Denver
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February 12, 2017
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Colorado News
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... Mayor Hancock spoke before an audience of at least 650 concerned Denver residents at the Place Bridge Academy on Saturday. His reference to roundups was topical.

During the 48 hours prior to the forum, reports about immigration raids have been coming in from newsrooms around the nation. According to the Washington Post , officials with ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement – confirm that federal agents have detained hundreds of individuals in raids on homes and businesses in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, as well as locations in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Aside from the official statements, immigration advocates claim that ICE has also rounded up undocumented immigrants in Florida, Kansas, Texas and Virginia since Thursday, February 9...

... the immigration roundups are shifting when compared to those carried out during the Obama administration, which deported more non-citizens during eight years (over two million) than any previous administration, but it had also prioritized its detention operations to focus on recent border crossers and individuals who posed national or public-safety risks...

While many of the topics covered were the same as those addressed at a packed hearing on Thursday, February 2, at North High School, the presence of Denver’s political heavyweights did offer some reassurance to the crowd...



CAIRCO Commentary

What fun! Mayor Hancock engages in grandstanding to defend illegal aliens in his sanctuary city - which stands to lose substantial federal funding because of Denver's position of not enforcing immigration law.

We couldn't help note that the article spews propaganda about Obama purportedly being the great "immigration enforcer". That simply was not the case. See the following research:


CAIRCO Research

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