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Media bias: Associated Press Stokes Racial Division, Smears Trump

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John Hinderaker
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February 2, 2018
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National News
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The Associated Press wages a daily battle against the Trump administration on behalf of the Democratic Party. Its bias is manifest and unconcealed, but rarely do we see a hit job as outrageous as this one: Minorities hear division in Trump call for unity. It is an article about Trump’s State of the Union speech, but it doesn’t quote a single word from the speech. You can tell from the title that the president said something about unity, but the AP doesn’t tell you what it was.

President Donald Trump’s call for American unity in his first State of the Union address struck an us-versus-them tone for many minorities, raising questions as to what extent Americans are put off by a leader who continually draws criticism as bigoted and xenophobic.

Really? From whom? The AP, of course.

For many people of color, Trump’s address before Congress on Tuesday night hardly reflected a shift in his ideology or his bruising style of governance. It was not lost on them that the president simply softened what he’s been saying all along, particularly when it comes to immigration, and sought to add a veneer of tolerance by using the stories of people of color to illustrate his points.

Is that what “many people of color” think? I have no idea; the AP story quotes no one except a series of Democratic Party race activists.

In taking credit for a drop in black unemployment, Trump showcased a black welder’s journey from unemployment to a meaningful career.

The AP implies that there is something wrong with this. But what?



As so often happens when reading Associated Press stories, one can only wonder: are these people crazy?

The AP goes on to quote Democratic Senator Cory Booker, Democratic Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman, and Andre Perry of the liberal Brookings Institution.... Do you remember when the AP covered one of Barack Obama’s State of the Union speeches by quoting no one except his Republican critics, and then endorsing their partisan point of view? No, I don’t either.

The AP concludes with smears and outright misrepresentations:

The president has denied that he is a racist.

The AP just brought this up. It doesn’t have anything to do with the State of the Union.



I’m beginning to think you have to fail a test to become an AP reporter. It is more trouble than it is worth to untangle the ignorance on display here, but: 1) Trump has talked about criminal illegal immigrants, not immigrants; 2) the criminals Trump has referred to are, in fact, criminals, like MS-13 gang members; and 3) sanctuary cities are ILLEGAL and it is the president’s duty under Article II of the Constitution to “target” them.

I am so old, I can remember when the AP was a respected news service. Those days are long gone.


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