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No, Cards Against Humanity can't delay Trump's border wall

Article author: 
Mike Higdon
Article publisher: 
USA Today
Article date: 
November 25, 2017
Article category: 
National News
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​Party Game Cards Against Humanity is going to Save America, or at least, that's what they're saying ...

By now you've played a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity or at least heard the game makers want to buy land to block the construction of President Trump's proposed border wall between the U.S. and Mexico ...

This year, they asked for $15 from customers to buy a large plot of land along the U.S./Mexico border for their "Cards Against Humanity Saves America" campaign. The promotion already sold out.

A marketing video implies they would separate acres of land into tiny pieces for each participant, in order to hold the government up in court for years. They want to make the push to build a wall time-consuming and expensive by hiring lawyers to keep the land tied up in court, according to the website.

The only problem is, that's not how eminent domain works

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