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Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens asks Trump administration to help her hold immigrants [and illegal aliens]

Article author: 
Jordan Graham
Article publisher: 
Orange County Register
Article date: 
March 10, 2017
Article category: 
National News
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With most California governments and police agencies resisting President Donald Trump’s push to increase immigration enforcement and deportations, Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is bucking the trend, telling the Trump administration she wants her department to cooperate more closely with federal immigration agents ...

Hutchens’ desire to have Orange County deputies play a stronger role in immigration work isn’t new. Hutchens unsuccessfully petitioned President Barack Obama’s administration for similar legal protections to allow her department to honor ICE detainers. She believes holding some immigrants [and illegal aliens] beyond their scheduled release dates in county jail could keep criminals from being released to local neighborhoods ...


Being a legal immigrant, including a Green Card holder, who commits a crime does not prevent deportation orders. So the use of the word Immigrant in this article may be completely factual.