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Refugee family barely escapes Iraq during travel ban, makes home in Colorado

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He then bought new plane tickets himself.
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Liz Gelardi
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The Denver Channel
Article date: 
March 9, 2017
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Colorado News
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Kicking a soccer ball around in the backyard of a home may not seem like a big deal to anyone in the U.S., but for family who just moved from Iraq to Colorado, the difference is striking. 

The family of four moved to the United States a month ago and barely made it to their destination in the midst of fallout from President Donald Trump's first travel ban.

"I quit my job, my wife also, the kids left school, I sold my furniture and my car and after I travel for two days they call me and say, 'your flight is canceled,'" said Mousa ...

CAIRCO Comment:  Many "refugees" are economic migrants, and are not threadbare, starving, and destitute.
[SNIP]  "Fact-Checking a Fact Sheet On Refugee Resettlement"  ... Iraq has been the leading country of nationality for refugee admissions in recent years. In the context of refugees, the Office of Refugee Resettlement defines economic self-sufficiency as “earning a total family income that enables a family unit to support itself without receipt of a cash assistance grant.” But even with no cash welfare, a “self-sufficient” refugee can and often does rely on other, non-cash public benefit programs such as food stamps, public housing, or Medicaid. As the authors of the MPI report explain, refugees tend to receive more public benefits than the U.S.-born population during their first five years in the United States... Center For Immigration Studies, November 2015


Section from "Refugees and Asylees in the United States" -
... Nationals of Burma (also known as Myanmar), Iraq, and Somalia were the top three countries... of origin for refugees in 2015, representing 57 percent ... Refugees must apply for lawful permanent resident (LPR) status—also known as getting a green card—one year after being admitted to the United States ... Once granted U.S. protection, both refugees and asylees are entitled to a social security card and employment authorization ... , The Migration Policy Institute, October 2015

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Cash & Medical Assistance | Office of Refugee Resettlement, The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) - Federal webpage.

The High Cost of Resettling Middle Eastern Refugees, The Center for Immigration Studies, November 3, 2015

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