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Retired Border Patrol Agent: Things Are Looking Up, Enforcement-Wise

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Paul Nachman
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July 11, 2017
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National News
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Mostly heartened by Federale’s blog entry here today [Sabotage Confirmed, Deep State Operatives In ICE Fighting Trump–The Good News Is ICE Says No Illegals “Exempt From Arrest Or Removal”], I emailed the link to Kermit Liebel, a retired immigration-enforcement agent I know who lives near Helena, Montana...

After sending him the link to Federale’s blog post, I followed up by phone with Mr. Liebel. He enthusiastically told me that he’d attended the Fraternal Order’s annual meeting in May, held this year in San Diego. The retirees were given a tour of the border locally and briefed on the state of affairs by active Border Patrol personnel.

The agents’ morale, Mr. Liebel said, is now “very, very high. … They’re doing a lot of enforcement. It’s a 180-degree turn from the Obama administration to the Trump administration. And they’re no longer bringing them in the front door and releasing them out the back door [i.e. setting them loose into the U.S. interior].”

He added that Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE]—separate from the Border Patrol—has arrested over 16,000 aliens with standing orders of removal [aka “deportation”] nationwide since the turn of the year. Most of these have been aliens with criminal convictions aside from any immigration violations. (Note that Lawful Permanent Residents who commit crimes are also subject to removal in some cases.) And there’s a task force that’s focused on arresting gang members such as those of MS-13...

Having enforcement officers back to being enthused about their work is important, too. For there’s a L O N G way to go, and the many branches of America’s depraved political class will continue actively monkey-wrenching the historic American nation’s fight for survival in the face of massively-unwanted immigration