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Trump Effect? Immigrant Population Falls AGAIN, but American Worker Displacement UP. Something’s Got To Give.

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Edwin S. Rubenstein
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October 8, 2017
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National News
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Trump Effect? For the second consecutive month the immigrant working-age population (legal and illegal) has declined from the same month of the prior year.

There were 143,000 fewer working-age immigrants in the country in September 2017 than in September 2016 according to the Labor Department Payroll report released Friday October 6—a decline of 0.34%. This follows a 138,000, or 0.33%, decline in August.

Year-over-year declines of this magnitude last occurred in 2009, the nadir of the Great Recession. In contrast, year-over-year immigrant work force population increases in the closing months of the Obama Regime were running around 1.5 million, far in excess of projected legal immigration and persistent evidence that an unreported illegal surge was underway.

In the months immediately after Donald Trump’s election, the growth of the immigrant workforce and immigrant displacement of American workers and seemed to be reversing so consistently that we were surprised when April’s job data suddenly undid all the gains. We wondered if it was statistical noise or a seasonal artifact that would soon reverse. That reversal had established itself by July The September jobs report offers more evidence that the Americanization of the American workforce under President Trump is real, and accelerating...

So while native-worker displacement continues under Trump, its growth is a fraction of what we experienced under Barack Obama...

It is remarkable that this “Trump Effect” has been achieved without any legislation (yet). Imagine what impact legislation could have—for good or ill, if the Cheap Labor Lobby can regain control of the GOP.