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UN Prepares for Conference to Normalize Mass Migration

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December 1, 2017
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National News
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United Nations (UN) agencies are preparing for a conference in Mexico next week to move forward with negotiations that could undermine American immigration enforcement and stamp out resistance to mass migration.
The conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexcio, which representatives from the United States will attend, will seek a “Global Compact on Migration.” By the UN’s account, this compact will secure “safe, regular and orderly migration” across the world.
The exact terms of such a declaration are not clear, but the UN General Assembly laid out the broad strokes last year, with the Obama administration signing on in its waning days. That resolution, the “New York Declaration for Refugee and Migrants,” bodes poorly for supporters of national sovereignty and limited immigration...
Taken at face value, the declaration calls for a massive scaling back of immigration enforcement in all countries and the normalization of hundreds of millions of economic migrants from the third world to stable prosperous nations. Paragraph 33, for example, “reaffirms:”
that all individuals who have crossed or are seeking to cross international borders are entitled to due process in the assessment of their legal status, entry and stay, we will consider reviewing policies that criminalize crossborder movements. We will also pursue alternatives to detention while these assessments are under way.
A later paragraph denounces deportations, “encouraging” that “migrants who do not have permission to stay in the country of destination” leave “preferably on a voluntary basis.”
The New York Declaration casts resistance to mass migration as racism, xenophobia, and illegal under international law... 
Even before the New York Declaration, the UN had been at work for years to create an international normalized system to force nations to accept mass migration. The International Organization for Migration (IOM), a UN body, has consistently promoted the view that mass migration is inevitable...