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US News study: US seventh most popular country according to migrants

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Ann Corcoran
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Refugee Resettlement Watch
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July 11, 2017
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National News
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I guess US News and World Report is expecting to make us feel bad that in the eyes of migrants, the US ranks only seventh on their wish lists of places to get to as they leave their failed countries.

Here is what they say about their study:
More than 21,000 people from all regions of the world participated in the Best Countries survey, in which they assessed how closely they associated 80 countries with specific characteristics. Four of these – “economically stable,” “good job market,” “income equality” and “is a place I would live” – were included in the Best Countries to Be an Immigrant ranking.
Countries also were scored in relation to others on the share of migrants in their population; the amount of remittances the migrants they host sent home; and graded on a United Nations assessment of integration measures provided for immigrants, such as language training and transfers of job certifications, and the rationale behind current integration policies.  [LOL!  NOT assimilation!—ed]
Note how important remittances are! Those are dollars sent out of the host economy and I will bet a buck that any economic study that seeks to justify migration benefits to a country, NEVER factors in how much of the migrants’ earnings (or their welfare payments!) are sent OUT of the country (and thus lost to the host country’s economy!).
Here are the top ten countries presumably ranked by wannabe migrants:
Sweden (this, coincidentally, is the country I have for a long time ranked as #1 to fall to the Islamists!)
Canada (just be sure our northern border is fortified!)
Notice that Arab (mostly Muslim) countries are not a desired destination. Gee, why is that?


Sweden Wins Award For 'Best Country To Be A Migrant', ZeroHedge, July 11, 2017:
We have written frequently on the topic of migrant crime in Sweden over the past several months.  From attacks on journalists and cops, to the development of so-called "no-go zones" where basic police and postal services have been suspended due to soaring crime levels, parts of the otherwise quite Nordic country have been literally transformed by an influx of migrants over the past several years. 

So, what's attracting the droves of migrants to the frozen tundra of northern Europe.  Well, luckily U.S. News & World Report has an official ranking to help answer that question and turns out it's not just the allure of Swedish soccer, or their fans...

As US News points out today, 80 countries around the globe were ranked based on their appeal to migrants and Sweden 'won' the coveted top spot.  Criteria for the ranking ranged from economic stability and income equality to the availability of language training and the amount of remittances that migrants sent back to their home countries...

To summarize, the countries with the best economies and highest entitlement spending per capita allow their migrants the greatest opportunity to export domestic wealth and are therefore the 'winners.'


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