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Woman takes sanctuary against deportation in Carbondale

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After making it into the U.S., Sandra Lopez came to the Roaring Fork Valley
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Ryan Summerlin
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Denver Post
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November 18, 2017
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Colorado News
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Sandra Lopez, a 42-year-old woman who has taken sanctuary against deportation in a Carbondale parsonage, came to the U.S. nearly 20 years ago, running away from the violence, government corruption and poverty of Chihuahua, Mexico ...

“My husband and I had a lot of dreams. We were looking for a better opportunity and to live in a safer place,” Lopez said via a translator.

After making it into the U.S., Lopez came to the Roaring Fork Valley. “I’ve done the work that so many of the immigrants do in this country: cleaning homes, cleaning hotels.” Lopez, who was living in Silt, has also become a local activist for immigrants’ rights...

In 2010, she was arrested on misdemeanor criminal mischief and domestic violence, but the charges were quickly dropped. She says the arrest was a mistake, after one of her children mistakenly dialed 911 ...

Lopez then hired Glenwood Springs immigration attorney Jennifer Smith, who was able to get Lopez a stay of removal.

This was good news, giving Lopez the opportunity to stay with her family, allowing her to work legally and get a driver’s license — even a Social Security number...

“It’s important that we call this what it is. I’m an undocumented mother, and that does not make us criminals. I’m just a mother, and I’m fighting for my family to be together. I had the option to flee and go into hiding, but instead I’m here. I have dreams. My family has dreams.” ...

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