Border Patrol

Rio Grande sector Border Patrol nabs 500 illegals a day

Fox 7 Austin
Friday, November 18, 2016
National News

... We wanted to see how it was possible for them to enter the United States illegally so many times, so we rode with the Rio Grande valley sector border patrol to find out. Border patrol agents must secure 1,254 miles in Texas every single day.

Border Crisis: Illegal Crossings May Be Far Higher Than Official Numbers

Head of border patrol union says government has been 'lying to the American people'
Monday, October 10, 2016
National News

A new Department of Homeland Security study revises and lowers the estimated success rate in stopping illegal immigrants crossing the southern border, but even that figure paints a misleading picture, according to the president of the union representing border patrol officers.

80 Percent Captured at Border Set Free in U.S., Says Agent

Monday, September 5, 2016
National News

A U.S. Border Patrol agent told Fox News Channel that eight out of ten illegal [alien] immigrants who are captured at the border are initially set free into the United States.

Trump Promises to Swiftly Remove Criminal Illegal Aliens On Day One

Trump still on target regarding immigration law enforcement
Sunday, August 28, 2016
National News

Donald Trump promised to start “removing criminal illegal immigrants” on day one during his speech in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday at Sen. Joni Ernst’s second annual Roast and Ride when he spoke to roughly two-thousand supporters.

Trump Republican Nomination Acceptance Speech on Immigration with footnotes

Friday, July 22, 2016
National News

The full text of Donald J. Trump's July 21, 2016 election nomination acceptance speech has been released. Note the inclusion of a multitude of footnotes (which are available in the original transcript), which make it much more difficult for the liberal press to introduce media bias when critiquing the speech.

Smuggling network guided illegals from Middle East terror hotbeds to U.S. border

Washington Times
Friday, June 3, 2016
National News
A smuggling network has managed to sneak illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern terrorism hotbeds straight to the doorstep of the U.S., including helping one Afghan who authorities say was part of an attack plot in North America.

Coloradans volunteer to protect the U.S. Border

Much like the 2005 Minuteman Project
Fox 21 News
Thursday, May 26, 2016
Colorado News
NOGALES, Ariz. – The security of the border between the United States and Mexico, or lack there of, has been a hot topic recently – especially among the Presidential candidates.

Border Patrol Agent: 80 Percent of Illegals the Agency Apprehends Are Released into U.S.

Friday, May 20, 2016
National News

The vast majority of illegal [alien] immigrants the Border Patrol apprehends are released into the U.S., the head of the agents’ union testified before a Senate panel Thursday.

Illegal alien numbers skyrocket at Mexican border

The Hill
Thursday, May 5, 2016
National News
Child migration is surging again.
The number of families and unaccompanied children apprehended on the southern border has skyrocketed this year, according to new figures from the Obama administration. 


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