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Population and Immigration Data, Projections and Graphs - Colorado

Colorado population projections

From Colorado State Fact Sheet, NPG, updated September, 2014.

The Aspen Resolution (1999-2001)

In 1999, the hard work of CAIRCO's Mike McGarry and Aspen City Council member Terry Paulson paid off.  The city of Aspen passed Aspen Resolution #114 supporting population stabilization in the United States. Pitkin county followed suit.

CAIR newsletters (mid to late 1990s)

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIR; currently known as CAIRCO) was founded in the 1990's by Bill Herron, a refugee from Mexifornia - California. Bill and Jan Herron both put in a huge amount of effort pushing for immigration reform, especially within the GOP.

The Mexican matricula consular ID card: safe or sorry? (2003)

On January 8, 2003 Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform and the Metropolitan State College of Denver (MSCD) Office of Student Activities put on a public debate and discussion on the Mexican matricula consular ID card.


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