Biden Regime Removed Large Sections of New Border Fence Along Heavy Drug Trafficking Section of Arizona Border

Gateway Pundit
Monday, September 13, 2021
National News

Thanks to its close proximity to Mexico, Tucson Arizona has long been a national-level distribution center for illicit drugs that have been illegally trafficked across the southern border....

Video Of Joe Biden Railing Against “Illegals,” Calling For 700-Mile Border Fence In 2006 Goes Viral

Gateway Pundit
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
National News
A viral resurfaced video from then-Senator Joe Biden’s 2008 presidential campaign shows Biden professing his support for a 700-mile physical barrier along the U.S. southern border.

Huge Santa Barbara Drug Bust Nets 3200 POUNDS Of Meth Coming In From Mexico By Boat, 30+ Hispanic Smugglers, No MSM Interest

Monday, August 24, 2020
National News

... Over one and a half tons of methamphetamine and 33 suspects were seized on a panga boat caught landing at Arroyo Quemada Beach, west of Santa Barbara, California, this week.

Federal Judges Help Free Nearly 200 Illegal Aliens: Murderers, Rapists, Sex Offenders

Thursday, May 7, 2020
National News
Federal judges have helped release nearly 200 illegal aliens into the United States — many convicted of murder, rape, and child sex crimes — in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

Mexican drug cartels struggle during coronavirus, hike prices as lab supplies from China dry up

Fox News
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
National News
The onslaught of the coronavirus has not only sent the global economy tumbling — it has also hit the black market where it hurts, and Mexican cartels are no exception.

How a marijuana network tied to China became a player on the Colorado black market

From article: new player in black market marijuana in Colorado is a loosely affiliated, extremely insulated network of traffickers with ties to China.
7 News
Friday, December 20, 2019
Colorado News

Mexican Cartel Drug Spotters on Border Are Sentenced

Where is the border wall?
Limits to Growth
Thursday, December 5, 2019
National News

Monday’s Washington Times highlighted a border enforcement success in taking out the cartel spotters who hang out in the hills and keep an eye on where the Border Patrol is active so smugglers can bring in their loads more successfully....

Containing the Drug Cartels

American Renaissance
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Our American Future

... The U.S.-Mexico border is also a gateway through which drugs, weapons, cartel operatives, and a variety of desperate people pass — one of the most pivotal drug trafficking points in the world....

Coalition Finds 3,000 Pounds of Trash, Toxins at Illegal Pot Farm in California National Park

Thursday, November 14, 2019
Our American Future
Drug cartels are not only setting up huge marijuana farms on national forest lands in California, but they are also polluting the land and water with trash and toxic chemicals.


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