The ethics of body invasion

Somehow America has transitioned from "land of the free" to "land of the vaccinated." Democrats are wont to chant "my body, my choice." Except when it comes to forced China Virus injections, it's another story entirely.

Time To Think "Lifeboat Ethics"

The World's Hellholes Are Fertile Enough To Provide Millions And TENS Of Millions Of Refugees
Saturday, August 28, 2021
National News

Those great crowds of Afghans trying to get into Kabul airport of course make a very pathetic sight. It may sound a callous thing to say, but it's probably a sight we should get used to....

Video: Slavery Is Our ‘Original Sin’?!

American Renaissance
Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Our American Future

Slavery Is Our ‘Original Sin’? More anti-white rubbish.

The Sierra Club lost its way


The Boulder Daily Camera recently published a series of op-eds on the immigration - population - environment connection.

Choosing a planet of life

At the time of writing this article, America's population is 328.5 million and world population is 7.5 billion.


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