Dell Fires 3000 US Employees, Requests 5000 Visas For Foreign Workers

Zero Hedge
Saturday, September 10, 2016
National News

Trying to find efficiencies and synergies to save $1.7 billion.

Dreamers who may face deportation under a Trump presidency plan next move

Dreamers are illegal aliens exempted from deportation by our President
Fox News Latino
Tuesday, September 6, 2016
National News

Americans’ Wages Dropping Fast in 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
National News

Federal data released Aug. 9 shows that Americans’ wages are dropping again, seven years after President Barack Obama declared the economy had recovered from the property-bubble — and three months before the 2016 election.

Fired Muslim workers deserve unemployment benefits from Cargill, Colorado labor department rules

Payments could cost Colorado’s unemployment fund nearly $1 million
Denver Post
Friday, August 5, 2016
Colorado News

Colorado’s labor department has ruled that more than 100 Muslim workers fired from a Fort Morgan meatpacking plant are eligible for unemployment benefits because a company cannot force workers to choose between their religion and their jobs ...

Breitbart/Gravis Blockbuster Immigration Poll Demonstrates Americans Want Total Revolution Against Mass Immigration

Sunday, July 31, 2016
National News

...“The poll shows that instead of dividing Americans, immigration is an issue where Americans have reached the consensus that it is a problem, maybe the problem,” said Doug Kaplan, the managing partner of Gravis Marketing.

California Update: Illegal Alien Nurses (and Other Professions) Can Now Get Licensed to Work

Limits to Growth
Sunday, July 31, 2016
Immigration Impact

The Once-Golden State is arguably the leader for supplying rights and benefits to foreign invaders who have no right to them. As such, Americans should look west to see what open-borders liberals are planning for the rest of the country.

Refugee resettlement is all about a ready supply of cheap labor!

Refugee Resettlement Watch
Saturday, July 30, 2016
National News

One important thing I’ve confirmed in my heartland tour of America so far is something I knew, but had never seen the evidence so clearly.


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