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Victor Davis Hanson on Impeachment and the ‘Cancer’ of Woke Ideology

Epoch Times
Sunday, February 14, 2021
Our American Future

... “It’s like a public-shaming like the Communist Party used to make people wear dunce caps,” Hanson says....

The Transformation of Germany

There is a distinct parallel between immigration - and censorship - in Germany and America
American Renaissance
Saturday, February 6, 2021
National News

In 2015, 2.1 million immigrants came to Germany, most of them young men from Syria, Kosovo, Albania, Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Africa. According to official sources, by July 2020, the Federal Republic of Germany had 11.23 million foreign-passport holders: 12.5 percent of its population....

Why do Leftists oppose Liberal values?

Liberals have been taught that Liberalism is identical to Leftism. But that's far from the case.

In the 5 minute video: Left or Liberal?, Dennis Prager explains the difference.

Fascism Comes to the U.S.

Yes, it’s a woke fascism of the Left, but it’s still fascism.
Frontpage Mag
Saturday, January 23, 2021
Our American Future

The Revolution in Minnesota’s Schools

Center of the American Experiment
Saturday, January 23, 2021
Our American Future
In fall 2020, a fourth-grade class in Burnsville read a book that warns students that police are “mean” to black people, but “nice” to white people...

Erase the Face

Big Tech’s War on Free Speech

Americans who supported President Trump’s policies on free speech are in a fight for their lives
American Greatness
Wednesday, January 13, 2021
National News

... Alex Jones and his InfoWars website is a good case study in the tactics used to reduce a site’s impact... For the first time, the major online platforms coordinated their efforts.... Jones was virtually erased. ...

Fascist Rule: Democrat “Domestic Terrorism” Bill Criminalizes Political Opposition

Geller Report
Tuesday, January 12, 2021
National News

“One wonders how long it would take for a domestic terrorism law to be weaponized political dissidents and minorities.” (Election Wiz)

Founder/CEO of Parler John Matze official Parler statements

Founder/CEO of Parler John Matze official Parler statements, January 8 - 10, 2021. Below is an unideted text copy of those statements, without images, taken January 10, 2020, 8am MST.


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