A Moral Code for a Finite World

By Herschel Elliott and Richard D. Lamm

Originally published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, November 15, 2002.

Finding the Trimtab

"Finding the Trimtab" is a talk by Jonette Christian, presented at the the third annual environmental conference on Global Environmental and Social Issues in Aspen, CO, hosted by the Sopris Foundation and the Worldwatch Institute during July 12-14, 2002.

New Data On ‘Population Emissions’

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Our American Future

While many climate change studies focus on the physical and ecological processes that drive greenhouse gas emissions, a new study published this week focuses on the societal forces that could cause global warming.

US population hits 300 million, but is it sustainable?

The Independent
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Our American Future

The population of the United States will pass 300 million today, or tomorrow. No one knows exactly where, no one know precisely when. It is a milestone for sure but is this a cause for celebration or anxiety?

Population and Immigration Data, Projections and Graphs - United States

by Fred Elbel

The following graph shows that even though the U.S. had started to achieve a stable population in 1970, mass immigration is driving our population ever upwards.

Population and Immigration Data, Projections and Graphs - Colorado

Colorado population projections

From Colorado State Fact Sheet, NPG, updated September, 2014.

Quick facts on population and immigration

Here are quick facts on mass immigration and population growth in the United States. (Updated 2007).


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