Support the Goodlatte Bill - H.R. 4760

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26 January 2018
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Please go to your NumbersUSA action board to take positive action in support of the Goodlatte Bill - H.R. 4760. If you do not yet have an action page, please take a minute to set one up! The bill:

  • Eliminates the Visa Lottery green card program
  • Eliminates Chain Migration and creates a renewable temporary visa for parents of citizens to unite families at no cost to taxpayers
  • Reduces legal immigration levels by about 260,000 a year - a decrease of about 25%
  • Reforms the agricultural guest worker program
  • Sends additional ICE agents to more high-risk embassies overseas to vet visitors and immigrants
  • Provides additional technology, roads and other tactical infrastructure to secure the border
  • Adds 5,000 Border Patrol Agents and 5,000 CBP Officers
  • Requires full implementation of the biometric entry/exit system at all air, land, and sea ports of entry
  • Makes E-Verify Mandatory for all employers
  • Authorizes the Department of Justice to withhold law enforcement grants from sanctuary cities
  • Allows DHS to detain dangerous illegal immigrants who cannot be removed
  • Reduces asylum fraud by tightening the “credible fear” standard to root out frivolous claims and increases penalties for fraud/terminates asylum for individuals who voluntarily return home
  • Grants amnesty to DACA recipients by issuing a 3-year renewable visa with work permit


While the Goodlatte Bill is good, the January 25, 2018 Trump amnesty plan for DACA illegal aliens is imperfect because it does not include mandatory E-Verify. See the article:

Despite amnesty, DACA bill favors American wage-earners, by Roy Beck, NumbersUSA, published in The Hill, January 16, 2018.


For more discussion, see this compilation of information from news articles:

The Art of the Choke - Trump's preemptive surrender on DACA amnesty for illegal aliens.