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Periodically, CAIRCO authors will write and publish articles of interest under Immigration Highlights. A collection of these articles is included below.. 


The liberal case for reducing immigration

The liberal case for reducing immigration

by Richard D. Lamm and Philip Cafaro, Denver Post, February 16, 2018.

The dirt on DACA - a nightmare of a DREAM

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The DREAM Act was a Trojan Horse - a mass amnesty by another name.

The true cost of amnesty for DACA illegal aliens

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Political pressure to give an amnesty to DACA illegal aliens is building. Yet there is absolutely no reason to grant an amnesty, to grant it right now, or to tie it in to national sovereignty - that is, funding for a secure border fence.

30 second video: how chain migration adds a quarter million people per year

NumbersUSA today launched a national TV ad campaign to help Americans visualize just how out of control Chain Migration can get.

Islamic terminology you should know

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Demographics is destiny. There are many who contend that Islam is incompatible with Western Democracy and American and European Judeo - Christian cultural heritage. Indeed, the Islamic system of political conquest is diametrically opposed to Western Civilization.

The Declining Fertility of Immigrants and Natives

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The Center for Immigration Studies released new study:
By Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler on October 2, 2017 

The Statue of Liberty stands firm on liberty, not a poem, enlightening the world

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The Statue of Liberty was erected in 1886, when world population was little more than one billion and United States population was 60 million. Since then, United States population has expanded by a factor of five.

How America's source of immigrants changed over a century

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The originating countries from which immigrants came to the United States has changed dramatically over the last 100 years.

A deeper perspective on the London Islamic terrorist attack

Demography is destiny.

Here are articles that provide background and perspective on the June 3, 2017 London islamic terrorist attack. Learn more about the agenda of islamic conquest:

VIdeo: The End Game - Why the West is Lost

Here's an interesting and hard-hitting 17 minute video that reflects on societies, history, liberalism, and the rule of law. It is well worth watching.



May 5: on this day in history...

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May 5: on this day in history...


In the Solar System:

1979 - Voyager 1 passes Jupiter 

In the Western Hemisphere:


Candidate comparisons and grades - look here before voting

Presidential candidates

Here is summary information comparing the Presidential candidates in the 2016 election, especially with regard to immigration and national sovereignty:

New smartphone app VoteStand will report voter fraud

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True the Vote has released a smartphone app VoteStand to report voter fraud.

Obama gave away the Internet forever

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Obama just gave away the internet. Forever. It's irreversible.

Free speech on the internet is threated by Obama's giveaway of the internet.

Obama's Royal Decree - Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

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By Fred Elbel, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

Refugee resettlement and national security

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Report by Fred Elbel, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

In order to qualify as a refugee, a person must meet the following definition from Section 101(a)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act:

America needs to curb immigration flows

It is time for an honest discussion of immigration.

How many illegal aliens really reside in America?

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Stale US government estimates of the numbers of illegal aliens residing in the United States are suspect. They undoubtedly represent significant undercounts, as they are produced by the very entity responsible for the tidal wave of illegal aliens entering our nation.