4-D Chess? DACA Final Test If Trump Knows What He’s Doing

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Spoiler: Answer Is No If He Doesn’t Propose Taxing...
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James Kirkpatrick
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29 January 2018
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National News
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We will finally find out if the memes are real. In President Trump’s magisterial August 31, 2016 campaign speech on immigration in Arizona, he vowed he would “immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive Amnesties.” Today, President Trump says he is offering Democrats a “wonderful deal” on DACA, including a pathway to citizenship. The Donald Trump of the campaign would undoubtedly have called it Amnesty. But could there be a more complicated agenda?...

This is a classic case of dealing from weakness, the opposite of what so many patriots who supported Donald Trump were hoping for. The DACA Amnesty was completely unconstitutional, something for which President Obama would have been impeached if America was still a self-respecting country, if Republicans were a real political party rather than controlled opposition, and if the “rule of law” was anything more than a punchline.
Electing Donald Trump president was a desperate attempt by the Historic American Nation to rebel against its planned dispossession, a “storming of the cockpit” to remove the sociopaths who captured the state and planned to kill off the nation. But President Trump’s decision to award concessions to DACA recipients removes the whole purpose of his campaign. If America is to be killed off, better it had come at the hands of Hillary Clinton.
A DACA Amnesty would be catastrophic, almost regardless of what “compromise” is reached. There is no upper limit on the number of illegals to be given Amnesty under President Trump’s proposal and there’s no guarantee any wall would actually be built under current legislation, just that money would be set aside...
But President Trump could still ensure this, tomorrow, using an idea his own campaign suggested. All he would need to do to completely reverse this debate is to declare once again, perhaps during the upcoming State of the Union, that a tax on remittances must be passed to pay for a border wall....
President Trump will be impeached if the Democrats retake Congress, if only because the Leftist base will demand it....
For immigration patriots, there is a clear signal as to whether President Trump is playing “4-D Chess” or whether he is being taken for a ride. The signal: whether the remittance tax makes an appearance in the near future....
But if President Trump grants Amnesty, he’s a one-term president.
In fact, odds are he won’t even be that, because and when the Democrats impeach him over made-up charges, no one will be there to defend him.


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