55 asylum seekers arrive by bus in Denver, mayor voices support

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The city released a statement supporting the various organizations that are working to help those fleeing violence in their home countries.
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Jacob Rodriguez
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9 News
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13 May 2019
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Colorado News
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Fifty-five asylum seekers arrived by bus in Denver Monday morning and various faith and nonprofit groups worked to help them. The city released a statement voicing support for their efforts later in the day ...

“Denver will always be a welcoming place for people seeking refuge,” Mayor Hancock said in an emailed statement ...

Three faith communities are temporarily housing the migrants in coordination with two nonprofits — Casa de Paz and the American Friends Service Committee, the city said....


How to Obtain Temporary Refuge at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate

Temporary refuge is a form of short-term protection from physical danger when the danger is both immediate (for example, a person is being pursued by a mob) and exceptionally grave (most often when there is a risk of possible death or serious bodily injury). It is also available to people who are in immediate danger of persecution based on the traditional grounds for asylum...



International law requires those seeking asylum to apply at the nearest neighboring country. This raises the question of where these so-called asylum seekers are from. If they are from Guatemala, then they must seek asylum in Mexico, not Guatelama.

It is also of concern as to whether there are simply economic migrants seeking higher wages in America at the expense of American workers. If that is the case, they should be returned to their home countries immediately to reunite with their families.

Ragarding the faith communities housing the purported asylum seekers, it is important to recognize that the refugee resettlement racket pays these quasi-religious organizations to process refugees / asylum seekers. Follow the money, as they say.