Accord reached on [illegal alien] farmworkers for immigration bill

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The deal would establish a new 'blue card' for workers already in the U.S.
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Brian Bennett and Lisa Mascaro
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Los Angeles Times
Article date: 
12 April 2013
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National News
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It concludes one of the last major components of sweeping legislation being drafted in the Senate.

Agreement was reached late Friday between farm labor unions and growers on one of the last major components of a sweeping immigration bill beingdrafted in the Senate — a deal that would set the terms of wages, visas and working conditions for migrant agriculture workers.

The accord, struck after weeks of touch-and-go talks between representatives of industry leaders and workers and brokered by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), would establish a new "blue card" for migrant workers already in this country without legal permission, and allow up to 336,000 visas for farmworkers ...