ACLU of Colorado sues GEO Group for wrongful death in man's 2017 death at Aurora facility

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From article -Since Samimi had previously been convicted of drug possession ...  he was up for removal from the country.
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Blair Miller
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7 News
Article date: 
12 November 2019
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Colorado News
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The ACLU of Colorado on Tuesday filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Colorado against GEO Group, Inc., which operates the immigrant detention facility in Aurora, for the death of Kamyar Samimi in December 2017 ...

Samimi was arrested in November 2017 by ICE agents more than 12 years after he was convicted of a cocaine possession count in Arapahoe County. While he was in custody at the Aurora facility, he “fell ill,” in early December, ICE said, but Samimi died after being taken to a hospital ...

ICE said since Samimi had previously been convicted of drug possession – despite him not having any other criminal record since that arrest – that he was up for removal from the country ...

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