Cage Match in Colorado: Never-Trump RINO, Soros Dem, and Besieged Gold Star Mom Vie for Secretary of State

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Joy Overbeck
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Article date: 
18 February 2022
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Colorado News
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... The woman was Tina Peters, Clerk and Recorder of Mesa County, Colorado, who has been repeatedly slammed with a multi-pronged vendetta by current Soros-backed Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold. Griswold has accused Peters of election “breaches,” ethics and campaign finance violations, and now lawless videoing. Tina Peters triggered the Secretary’s wrath months ago when she copied voting machine files prior to a “trusted build” software update of those machines (starts with a D) in Mesa County. Peters suspected the machine update would erase critical records that indicated outside interference in the election. This was her duty; County Clerks must retain election records for 25 months according to Colorado law. Sure enough, says Peters, when the cyber forensic expert she hired compared the before and after records, over 29,000 access logs had been deleted.

So Clerk Peters told the world that Griswold and the election machine firm had illegally scrubbed official information in violation of the law. In September she presented the Mesa County Board of Commissioners with an 83-page report that alleges machine breaches that may have affected election outcomes.

Griswold fired back with a copycat charge, accusing Peters herself of security breaches, then sued her and removed her from her official duty to manage the 2021 election. In November, Griswold and Democrat AG Weiser unleashed a local, state and federal law enforcement raid on Peters’ home led by an FBI swat team in full riot gear....

Plaintiffs are seeking “an independent forensic audit necessary to determine the extent of deleted or destroyed records, and whether such records can be reconstructed.” Boom....

Concludes Doyle: “The 2020 election wasn’t stolen — it was likely bought by one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful men pouring his money through legal loopholes.”...