Calif. Mayor: We Didn't Mean To Turn Buses With Migrant Families Away

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Caitlin MacNeal
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TPM Media
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6 July 2014
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National News
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The mayor of Murietta, Calif., where protests forced Border Patrol to reroute buses of migrant families and children to a San Diego processing center, on Sunday defended his town's response to the overwhelming protests.

Mayor Alan Long distanced himself from the protests, explaining that the majority of protesters came from out of town ... ...

"The world showed up on our doorstep," he said on CNN's "State of the Union."

Long said that the police were not equipped to deal with the protesters, and they were not able to bring in back-up before Border Patrol rerouted the buses. He said the plan the entire time was to "provide safety for everyone" ...

CNN host Candy Crowley pressed the mayor on how the town would handle additional buses with migrant families.

"I guarantee you, if a bus were to arrive at the Murietta border patrol and those aliens were here, you would see that we would treat them with compassion ..." Long said...

CAIRCO Comment.  Perhaps Mayor Long is referring to the Open Borders protesters, when he said  "the majority of protesters came from out of town..."

Noel Breen and Linda Hendrickson arrived in Murrieta just past 3 p.m.  Breen hails from Palm Springs. Hendrickson is from Carlsbad. The two carried a small yellow sign that read, "Nation of immigrants...These people are here because of foreign policy. They're refugees..." [Breen said.]  Linda Hendrickson said she's here "strictly for religious reasons. I'm here out of my religious duty," she said ...


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