Caravan migrants in Mexico face uphill battle to make legal asylum claims in the US.

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Authorities keep a strong grip on caravan migrants to prevent another 'Tijuana-like' storming of the border.
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Oscar Margain
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9 News
Article date: 
9 February 2019
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National News
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Members of a migrant caravan, currently held in a Piedras Negras shelter across the border from Eagle Pass, are being closely monitored by officials on both sides.

Authorities have managed to keep things under control, preventing a mass storming of migrants through ports of entry and across the Rio Grande...

The 1,800 caravan migrants are not being let out until Mexican immigration officials finish issuing them permits.

While most hope to make their asylum claim in the U.S. soon, a backlog at the ports of entry is forcing migrants to wait in Mexico for months.

It’s a tough pill to swallow for many undocumented migrants who use up their savings and abandon their home countries for a chance to get through into the U.S....

“They have food, they have clothing, they have tv, they have recreational activities, they’re being vaccinated,” noted De La Garza ...

Mexican authorities are also issuing year-long permits to stay and work in the country ...