CMC’s financial aid helps [illegal alien] Dreamers get through college faster

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Colorado Mountain College (CMC) is a state college, primarily funded by U.S. lawful presence taxpayers. Perhaps their children would like and need that financial assistence.
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Thomas Phippen
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Post Independent
Article date: 
3 July 2019
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Colorado News
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One year after launching a pilot program for Dreamers, Colorado Mountain College’s approach to help students who fall through the cracks of financial aid is gaining attention.

“We get calls every week on this concept, mostly just to figure out what we’re doing,” Matt Gianneschi, CMC’s chief operating officer, said. Some calls have even come from U.S. senators.

But, most importantly, the income-share agreement has proven effective in helping students ineligible for most financial aid because of their immigration status ...

Most people have to borrow to attend college full time....

The Colorado legislature this year made state financial aid available to undocumented students, which may change how the program helps ...

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