Coffman calls for immigrant detention centers outside US

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Kyle Clark
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9 News
Article date: 
26 July 2014
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Colorado News
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Republican Congressman Mike Coffman says children who entered the United States illegally should be held in detention centers in their home countries, not in America.

Coffman made the comments last Friday in an interview with 9NEWS anchor Kyle Clark.

Two weeks ago, 9NEWS broke the story of the city of Denver's plans to apply for federal money to house about fifty children at a time at a residential treatment center.

Coffman suggested the children be put in detention centers in Central America.

"They are here and we have a responsibility for them," Coffman said. "That responsibility, in my view, could be met by, instead of having detention centers here in the United States, having detention centers back in their home country.

Coffman suggested the US government establish agreements with El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and tell leaders there that "we're going to fund detention centers in your country where these children will be safely housed and cared for until family members can claim them."...

The 9NEWS political experts, discussing Coffman's comments on Balance of Power, airing Saturday on 9NEWS, said Coffman must be careful not to appear to take a hard line on immigration ...



What a brilliant suggestion!

Yet based on Coffman's past statements and positions on illegal immigration, it looks like this is precisely what Coffman is trying to do: simply appear to take a hard line on immigration in order to appeal to conservative voters. You can fool some of the people some of the time...


CAIRCO Research

Here is how to contact Rep Mike Coffman to express your opinion of his sell-out on amnesty for illegal aliens.


A Dissection of Mike Coffman's Misguided Amnesty Missive

The myth and a fallacy that Republicans must cater to Hispanics in order to capture the Hispanic vote has been soundly refuted. Hispanics-Americans do not support amnesty for illegal aliens any more than any other American demographic.

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“My district dramatically changed,” the congressman [Mike Coffman] told POLITICO. “In the district I had until last month, there wasn’t a significant Hispanic population, and with the population I had, immigration wasn’t a significant issue. In the district I have now, there is a significant Hispanic population. And meeting with those people really put a face on it.”...

...Coffman’s new district is centered in Aurora, which in recent years has seen an infusion of Hispanics who have migrated to the Denver suburbs in search of quality schools and housing. Under Colorado’s map, Hispanics make up a little more than 20 percent of the newlydrawn 6th Congressional District...

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