Coffman underlines support for citizenship through military service

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H.R. 435-will allow undocumented [illegal alien] residents of the United States to apply for military service
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Eli Stokols
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Fox 31-Denver
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23 July 2013
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Colorado News
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On Tuesday, Coffman spoke on the record at a hearing of the Immigration and Border Security sub-commission of the Judiciary Committee “addressing the immigration status of illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.”
Interestingly, his microphone didn’t work, making it impossible for anyone outside the hearing room to hear what he said.
Here is the remainder of Coffman’s prepared remarks,
What my legislation, H.R. 435, the Military Enlistment Opportunity Act does is provide reforms to our recruiting regulations that would allow undocumented residents of the United States to apply for military service after they’ve been first vetted by the Department of Homeland Security.  The vetting by the Department of Homeland Security would only mean that the individual is eligible to apply to serve in the military and it would be up to each respective branch of service as to whether or not to accept these applicants ...


CAIRCO Research
By Sgt. Scott Schmidt, canvasing recruiter with Marine Corps Recruiting Substation Margat 
[Q] Historically, during times of recession, recruitment picks up. Does this mean recruiting is easy today?  
[A] In my opinion it doesn’t. In today’s recruiting environment we are finding quality verses quantity. The bar has been raised and our standards are higher than ever before, which means most of the office traffic is disqualified ... 

See the post A Dissection of Mike Coffman's Misguided Amnesty Missive for an expose of Coffman's misguided amnesty arguments, along with article references revealing that Coffman has been redistricted into Aurora, Colorado's premier Hispanic - and illegal alien - area.

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