Coffman votes against GOP bill to deport undocumented immigrants

Article author: 
Eli Stokols
Article publisher: 
31 News
Article date: 
14 January 2015
Article category: 
Colorado News
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House Republicans mounted a serious challenge to President Obama’s immigration policies on Wednesday, voting to roll back the president’s effort to shield many undocumented immigrants from deportation ...

Coffman, who won reelection in a re-drawn, competitive district last fall after adjusting his position on immigration policy and working hard on outreach to immigrant communities, voted against the amendment that seeks to end the Deferred Action program and the final bill, which included the amendment ...

“Under the DACA amendment that passed, young people who were taken to this country as children, who grew up here, went to school here, and often know of no other country but the United States, would not be allowed to renew their status and would face deportation. We should have had an opportunity to pass a version of the DACA program into law.  Moving forward, immigration reform should be about securing our borders, growing our economy and keeping families together and we need to do it all the constitutional way – through Congress" ...


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