Coloradans Rally For Migrant Caravan In Denver

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Protestors included members of the Party for Socialism & Liberation. and Denver International Socialist Organization
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Melissa Garcia
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November 26, 2018
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Colorado News
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Activists from around Colorado gathered in Denver Sunday to rally for the immigrant caravan trying to cross into the United States ...

The demonstration began with chanting, continued with speeches and ended with a march.

“We say fight back!” they chanted.

“They’re people like you and (me) who are just trying to work, trying to survive and feed their families,” said Bruno Tapia, an organizer with the Party for Socialism & Liberation.

Some marchers support the migrants from afar while others know their struggle personally.

“My parents were undocumented from Mexico, and they came over in the 80s,” said Carlos Valdez, a member of the Denver International Socialist Organization ...

Additional Research on groups that participated as provided to CAIRCO

  1. Party for Socialism & Liberation
  2. Abolish ICE Denver
  3. Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition
  5. Denver International Socialist Organization
  6. Denver Democratic Socialists of America
  7. Boulder International Socialist Organization
  8. UMAS y MEXA de Boulder
  9. Front Range Mutual Aid Network
  10. ANSWER Coalition: Colorado