Colorado District Forced to Cancel Classes After Nearly 1,500 Teachers Call In Sick to Protest Recently Elected Conservative School Board

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Gateway Pundit
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6 February 2022
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Colorado News
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Douglas County schools in Colorado were shut down on Thursday after nearly 1,500 teachers called in sick to protest the recently elected conservative school board.

The party that claims to be all about Democracy is now trying to overthrow the will of the voters.

The teachers took the day off to protest outside the school board building over the newly-elected conservatives voting to end the district’s mask mandate, amend the district’s equity policy and is ask the superintendent to quit or be fired....

An online petition to overthrow the will of the voters and recall the conservative school board members now has over 16,000 signatures. A formal recall would not be possible until the summer. Under the rules, a board member cannot be recalled until they have served for at least six months — and they were just elected in November.

According to a report from CPR News, “Another issue that has angered some parents and school officials is the fear that the new board majority wants to dismantle the district’s equity policy. A new resolution passed by the board last week directs the superintendent to recommend changes to the equity policy that reflect the new principles in the resolution. One of those is that no policy should ‘impose stereotypical beliefs and actions of an identity group onto a student.'”...