Colorado Gubernatorial Candidates Differ On Immigration

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Shaun Boyd
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Article date: 
22 September 2018
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Colorado News
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With gridlock in Congress, state and local governments are taking the lead on immigration reform and “sanctuary cities” have become a flash-point in this year’s gubernatorial election.

Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton has made abolishing sanctuary cities – or cities that refuse to enforce federal immigration law – one of the pillars of his campaign ...

“This comes down to a public safety issue. It is unconscionable to me that you could have somebody as we had in Denver who committed vehicular homicide and was charged with a felony and spent less than 14 hours in a Denver jail and was released.”...

His Democratic opponent Jared Polis has a distinctly different take. He’s from Boulder, which declared itself a sanctuary city.

“As Governor of Colorado, I’ll prevent President Trump or any president from commandeering local law enforcement to enforce their Washington D.C. priorities.”

He insists sanctuary city policies don’t protect violent criminals...