Colorado universities coming to aid of undocumented [illegal alien] students, others not eligible for federal coronavirus stimulus

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CSU has handed out grants to students, while CU, Metro State and others have programs to give aid
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Sam Tabachnik
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Denver Post
Article date: 
14 May 2020
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Colorado News
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This spring, Colorado’s colleges and universities received millions of dollars from the massive federal coronavirus stimulus package to help needy students during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

But the Trump administration pointedly barred colleges from granting emergency assistance to undocumented [illegal alien] students — even the so-called “Dreamers” who have federal protection.

In light of the federal guidance, some of Colorado’s higher education institutions are stepping up to fill in the gaps.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan State University of Denver — which enrolls the most undocumented students in Colorado — is raising $300,000 specifically targeted toward its “Dreamer” population ...


Colorado colleges dole out big bucks to illegal aliens during economic crisis , Campus Reform, May 18, 2020.