Denver disgrace deepens - Michelle Malkin calls out attack enablers at pro-police rally

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Denver disgrace deepens as Michelle Malkin calls out perps and enablers of attack on Sunday’s aborted pro-police rally
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Peter Barry Chowka
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American Thinker
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21 July 2020
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Colorado News
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On Monday, the day after the violent leftist attack on Michelle Malkin and her fellow conservatives at a pro-police rally in Denver, more information about the assailants came to light. For a refresher, my blog yesterday at American Thinker was the first draft of the history of this disturbing event. On Monday, an article by Lance Hernandez at KMGH-TV channel7 Denver identified the anti-police “counter protesters” who succeeded in violently shutting down the 6th annual pro-police rally where Maktin was to be a featured speaker as representing “the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and other Black Lives Matter supporters, including the Afro-Liberation Front.” In other words, revolutionary Marxist communists.

Despite the involvement in the story of Malkin, an extremely well-known and popular conservative icon, there was little coverage of what happened to her on Sunday in Denver with the exception of my blog yesterday at American Thinker and an article at the Gateway Pundit. Several articles and TV reports, mostly in local Denver media, covered the dissolution of the rally itself without reporting accurately on the left-wing assailants. Any mention of Malkin being assaulted was absent or at most in passing....

Denver police were present at the event but ironically appeared to be disinclined to protect the peaceful pro-police rally attendees who were set upon by the BLM/Antifa cadres immediately after the rally began....

In the pinned tweet at her Twitter account on Monday, Malkin expressed similar frustration at this recent turn of events:
How do we stand up when police obey BLM demands to stand down? How do we #backtheblue when the blue won't back us?
One Nation Under Anarcho-Tyranny, Michelle Malkin, July 22, 2020:
It's not "socialism" or "communism" under which we suffer. Our dangerously chaotic, selectively oppressive predicament is more accurately described as "anarcho-tyranny." The late conservative columnist Sam Francis first coined the term in 1992 to diagnose a condition of "both anarchy (the failure of the state to enforce the laws) and, at the same time, tyranny—the enforcement of laws by the state for oppressive purposes."
The "criminalization of the law-abiding and innocent," Francis expounded, is achieved in such a state through: "exorbitant taxation, bureaucratic regulation; the invasion of privacy, and the engineering of social institutions, such as the family and local schools; the imposition of thought control through 'sensitivity training' and multiculturalist curricula; 'hate crime' laws; gun-control laws that punish or disarm otherwise law-abiding citizens but have no impact on violent criminals who get guns illegally; and a vast labyrinth of other measures."...
Anarcho-tyranny is how hoodlums can toss statues into rivers with impunity, while citizens disgusted by Black Lives Matter street graffiti are charged with "hate crimes"—as David Nelson and Nicole Anderson in Martinez, California, were by a George Soros-funded district attorney two weeks ago....
Anarcho-tyranny is how 1,000 black militia members can take over the streets in Georgia and point their guns at motorists as they demand reparations, while white citizen militia members in Idaho, Utah and New Mexico have been smeared publicly as racists and face injunctions for peacefully defending their neighborhoods....
It was rank-and-file cops in Denver who watched as my patriotic friends and I tried to hold a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day this past Sunday and were besieged by Black Lives Matter and antifa thugs who had declared that their sole intent in invading our permitted celebration was to "shut us down." ...
No cops intervened.